Pay it Forward! Become a Mentor and Change the World in 2013-14

Do you want to make a difference? Would you like the opportunity to work with students and prepare them for our exciting techcomm field? STC Rochester will again offer a mentoring ... Read More

STC Rochester 2013-14 Election Results

The Rochester chapter election results are in. All candidates ran unopposed, and were elected according to the requirements stated in the chapter by-laws. The official election counts can be seen at ... Read More

STC Rochester: 2013 STC Community of the Year!

BEST SUMMIT EVER! Well, maybe not the BEST ever, but it certainly was noteworthy for STC Rochester. The Society for Technical Communication recognized us earlier this year as one of four Communities ... Read More

Perspectives on Spectrum 13, Chyna Trible

Chyna Trible was a student volunteer at the 2013 Spectrum Conference. She's also helped at previous conferences and is a student volunteer for the 2013 Summit Conference and a member of this year's ... Read More

Perspectives on Spectrum 13, Cheryl Landes

Cheryl Landes was a presenter and first-time attendee at the 2013 Spectrum Conference. Her presentation, Taming the Information Scavenger Hunt, is available on While the weather ... Read More