If Only I Could’ve Cloned Myself At Spectrum

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Our April program will give us the opportunity to follow-up from the Spectrum Conference. Join us for multiple focused 5-minute talks and a round-table discussion about what we learned at the Spectrum Conference. Was there a session that you wished you could have have attended? This is your chance to find out what you missed!

We are looking for speakers! If you are attending Spectrum and want to share what you learn then this is a great opportunity to ‘use it before you lose it’. We welcome first time presenters too because you will gain speaking experience in a smaller setting with people you already know and people who you just met at Spectrum.

As a presenter you will give a focused 5-minute presentation that tells the audience the most important points of what you learned at one of the Spectrum sessions. You can be funny, serious, energetic, practical, boring (well, maybe not that last one.) Your presentation will not be recorded (we may offer remote access but we won’t record you). Visual aids are optional (you don’t need to prepare slides unless you want to.)

Sign up today to be a presenter. Remember, it’s only 5 minutes of your life! That’s about 0.35% of your day. While you’re at Spectrum you can decide what session is most fascinating to you that you want to share with others. After Spectrum, we’ll connect with you to find out which Spectrum session you want to talk about. Please give us your top two choices.

We welcome STC members and prospective members to be presenters and attendees at the April program.

Helpful Hints:

  • Stick to your topic
  • Make your first point as soon as possible  
  • Don’t spend much time introducing yourself
  • Don’t spend time summarizing, just restate your main takeaway
  • Tell why you are passionate about what you learned at Spectrum
  • Visual aids are not required
  • Pictures speak louder than words in visual aids
  • Use notes to help you talk, don’t put all your text on slides
  • You can go shorter than 5 minutes, but don’t go longer
  • The audience is on your side





Sign up to be a presenter. Sarah will contact you with more details. Questions? Email Sarah at programs@stc-rochester.org.

April 2019 Program Presenters
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