Contract Tech. Writer with InDesign Expertise – MODIS – Rochester NY

Our client has approx. 260 compensation plan documents that need to be  updated.  They currently manage these in MS word but are looking for a more efficient way.  Using Adobe InDesign Version CS6, they can set up templates that will simplify populating the documents.   


  • Run/complete the project to convert our plan document templates from MSWord to an InDesign document for us. These are 12-24 page documents.
  • These documents will need to include conditional/tagged text blocks and images; they will also include mail merge fields from an external database.
  • We have good MS Word templates, with much of the desired formatting, etc. already available for their reference, we mostly need setup expertise on creating Basic Paragraph formats, different document sections, headers, footers, etc.
  • We need someone who knows InDesign very well as no one on my team has expertise in the software.
  • Once created, we will need the individual to provide training to our team so that we can maintain these going forward as well.
  • I would expect this to take approximately 3-5 weeks full time.
  • We are looking to start this work ASAP within the next 2 weeks at the latest.

Contract: Mike Keegan
Resource Development Manager
200 Meridian Centre, Suite 250
, NY 14618

585-613-3812585-613-3812 – Office