Election Results, STC Rochester Council 2012-2013

The nominating committee is pleased to provide the results for the STC Rochester Council 2012-2013 election. 38 of 65 eligible voters participated. That’s an outstanding 58.5% of members. (By comparison, the voting rate for the Society-wide election was around 18%.)

Our thanks to all who candidates for agreeing to be nominated.



  • Steph Fuchs, 38 votes.
  • Steph is the incoming president for 2012-13.

Vice President

  • Wendy Barnhart Ross, 34 votes
  • Lori Meyer, 33 votes
  • Wendy and Lori will serve as co-VPs for 2012-2013


  • Rita Cronise, 38 votes
  • Rita is elected treasurer

Recording Secretary

  • James A. Locke IV, 37 votes, one abstention
  • Jim is elected recording secretary

Program Manager

  • Jackie Patterson, 26 votes
  • Lisa Pietrangeli, 11 votes
  • One abstention
  • Jackie will be the Program Manager for 2012-13

Education Manager

  • Ben Woelk, 38 votes
  • Ben is elected education manager

Membership Manager

  • Mary Elise Dedicke, 38 votes
  • Mel will serve as membership manager for 2012-13

Member at Large

  • Doug Eaton, 35 votes
  • Kelly Schrank, 35 votes
  • Both Doug and Kelly will serve as members at large for the coming year

Immediate Past President

  • Marilyn Woelk

These election results are certified by the nominations committee and are available at https://electionbuddy.com/elections/4043/results/nt7dw72l6

Note that there will be a number of appointed positions available during the council year and we’d like to see many of you involved. The Rochester Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication has a tradition of volunteerism and we’d like to give you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills.


Ben Woelk, Rita Cronise, and Jan Peartree
Nominations Committee