Make an Informed Membership Renewal Decision

Curious, confused, or even concerned about the direction of This is the week to get some answers.The STC Notebook will provide information about the plans and steps to revitalize the Society and improve its value proposition. I encourage you to gather information to help you make the right decision regarding renewal or rejoining STC.

From the STC Notebook

Last week, STC released the results of the November Products & Services survey <>, conducted as part of the Project Phoenix initiative. The results, combined with some additional comments members provided, gave us a clearer picture of what products and services our members value and which they find the most important.

To share some of the early thoughts, STC is bringing “Project Phoenix Week” to STC’s Notebook. From 13-17 December, you’ll find posts on Project Phoenix, the recent survey, and where STC goes from here. You’ll hear from the new STC IT/Web Content Manager Chip Boyd about the website, from CEO Kathryn Burton on the concept of “perpetual beta,” from Intercom Editor Liz Pohland on publications, and from the communities department, too. Visit STC’s Notebook<> all week to see where your Society is going.

Ben Woelk
STC Rochester