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November 2018 Volume 60 Number 3

Next Meeting

Date and time:  Thursday, December 6
Program: Holiday Party with dinner and a show
Location: Comedy @ The Carlson, 50 Carlson Rd, Rochester, NY 14610
Details and to register: To be posted

Future meetings being planned are:

  • Thursday, January 17 – UX Presentation by Laura Whitby of BZ Design
  • February – cross chapter webinar
  • March – networking meeting during the first week
  • April – Lightning Talks
  • May – Summit follow-up 

President’s Prose

by Kelly Schrank, President

How is it November again and time for another President’s Prose?!

I hope you were able to attend the October Networking Happy Hour. I was not able to attend, but I am looking forward to the Tech Comm Showcase and Annual Business Meeting on November 7!

The Call for Proposals for Spectrum has been announced, so get your proposal together and submit it before December 3. And put these dates on your calendar: March 24-26, 2019.

In case you’re wondering what goes into the chapter running on a monthly basis, it takes dedicated people taking time out of their busy lives to create cool programs and a big regional conference for us all! For example, as we prepared for Spectrum’s announcements of a keynote and the Call for Proposals, it was discovered that the Spectrum website could not just be updated and “we” would have to add some pages to the Chapter website for Spectrum content. Because one of our Program Managers, Sarah Rowe, has her own business creating websites, she took this task on, but it certainly wasn’t something she was planning on doing when she took on the role of Program Manager. So she has spent numerous hours, with assistance from Ben Woelk (who used to maintain the websites), Nathaniel Wilson (current webmaster), and Ann Wiley (our newsletter editor) to get us up and running. It’s a work in progress, but this teamwork got us to the stage where we now have the Call for Proposals out. So, thank you, Sarah, especially, but also Ben, Nathaniel, and Ann, for your assistance with the Spectrum webpages. I’m looking forward to further improvements in the website in the future.

Redact Room

by Ann L. Wiley, editor

As the STC year continues, the newsletter reports on programs, the publications competition, scholarships, mentoring, membership, Spectrum, Society news, and more. Feature articles and other contributions to the newsletter are welcome. Contact the editor.

Meeting Report

Date and time: Tuesday, October 30, 5:30 to 7:00 PM
Program: Networking with area technical communicators
Location: Lovin’ Cup, 300 Park Point Dr, Rochester, NY 14623
Details: Members and guests gathered for an evening of light refreshments and conversation.

Date and time: Wednesday, November 7, 6:00 to 9:00 PM
Program: Annual Tech Comm Showcase and annual meeting
Location: Radisson Hotel Rochester Airport, 175 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623
Details: Summary of presentations; annual meeting reports in the Chapter Chronicle

Council Notes

The Council meets each month for review of committee reports, and identifies action items and who will be responsible. Reports are reflected in the Chapter Chronicle.

Date and time of the next Council meeting: December 12, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, online
Contact: Chapter president Kelly Schrank

Chapter Chronicle


The Rochester Chapter has maintained a steady membership count over the last year. Although the ideal situation would be to see increasing membership numbers, like many STC chapters, Rochester faces an ongoing challenge to prove value as a dues-paying organization. Rochester has a number of loyal chapter members who have been with the chapter for many years, which is testimony to the strength of the chapter. For example, out of our November roster of 66 members, there are 19 people who have been members for 10 years or more, 7 members, 20 years or more, and 5 members, 30 years or more. The chapter appreciates these continuing memberships.

The Rochester chapter currently has five student members, and a total of 36 members who have been members for five or fewer years. We focus chapter programs and services on ensuring all members perceive their membership as a valuable investment in their professional development. The chapter welcomes each new member and endeavors to communicate that everyone’s membership matters not only to them but to the chapter and STC as well. Even with all of the resources available to technical communicators today that weren’t around 10 years ago, STC is the best resource for ongoing opportunities to build professional relationships that last.

Ben Woelk is presenting a webinar for the IDL SIG, Saying “Yes, and…?” to Leadership Opportunities, November 14, 1:30 PM ET.


Education manager Carmel Priore-Garlock has called for entries for the 2018-19 Heritage Award in Honor of Edline Chun. Open to undergraduate and graduate students in the geographical areas represented by our members, this award aims to encourage and reward excellence in technical, scientific, and professional communication. The levels to be awarded are: Distinguished ($500), Excellence ($300), and Merit ($100). Area universities have received the award criteria and entry procedures. The chapter continues its relationship with the Gates/Chili School Middle and High School, participating in their Careers in Demand Days.


Four mentors and mentees have been working together. Mentors are Wendy Ross, Chuck Campbell, Bobbi Werner, and Ken Reid. One new mentee is seeking a mentor and two applications are pending. If you would like to be a mentor or to have a mentor, contact Chuck Campbell.


Employment manager Laurie Fiaretti sends job opportunities received from employers and recruiters to the chapter employment mail distribution. Chapter members may request to be added to the distribution. The mail distribution also receives job openings Laurie has found on job boards using key words including technical writer, technical editor, documentation specialist, and editor, as well as a broad range of roles in technical communication such as project manager. Laurie also posts job openings on the chapter website.

In October Laurie posted four jobs.


Webmaster Nathaniel Wilson and web team members Sarah Rowe and Ann Wiley continue working on improvements to the site. The home page has some preliminary updates and the new Spectrum pages are online.


Our regional competition is an alliance of six chapters: NY Metro, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Rochester, and New England, the newest collaborator. Please consider volunteering as a judge as well as submitting your best work to the competition. The deadline for submissions is December 7, which is the latest entry date for all competitions. The deadline for the call for judges has been extended to the end of November to enable competition managers to update the judging forms, making them more streamlined and manageable. This revision will be featured in a judge training webinar to be offered on December 6, which will be required for all new judges and recommended for returning judges. Judging will take place in January of 2019. Visit the competition website for details on how to submit and about being a  judge.

Please contact Bobbi Werner with your questions or to indicate your interest in volunteering.

Spectrum 2019

The 60th annual chapter conference, Spectrum 2019, will be held March 24-26, 2019. This is the diamond anniversary Rochester chapter annual conference. The theme is Remember Yesterday. Celebrate Today. Plan for Tomorrow. Author Toni Ressaire is the keynote speaker. Toni started out as a broadcast journalist, founded a lifestyle magazine, published books, and then became a technical writer. Now, she’s learning about artificial intelligence and designing chatbots and virtual assistants. Toni will share her path from docs to bots and might suggest a possible turn in your career path as we all learn about Information 4.0. The Call for Proposals is open.

Educational Opportunities

Visit the STC website to see all of the Society’s current educational offerings. STC offers a webinar each Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00 PM ET. Recorded webinars are available for purchase through STC by members and by non-members (at a higher price).

Society News

The 2019 membership renewal season is open. Join or renew via the STC website.

The 2019 Technical Communication Summit & Expo will be held May 5 to 8, 2019, in Denver, Colorado, at the Hyatt Regency Denver. STC invites you to contribute your ideas, studies, experience, and expertise. Registration is now open.

Visit STC’s Notebook for the latest STC news.

Feature Articles

The chapter invites original articles for the blog on this website. The newsletter links to these features and they are archived with each issue. Contact the editor. The September, 2018 feature article by Jack Molisani reveals a number of resume secrets and tells how to prepare a resume that shows you match what the reader is looking for.

STC and Rochester Chapter Links

Companies Represented in the Rochester Chapter

Alstom Signaling, Inc., American Medical Association, Ann L. Wiley Consultants Inc., Autodesk, Azteca Systems, Inc., Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Emhart Glass, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harris Corporation, Jorsek LLC, Lenel Systems Inc., Mehr Essential Knowledge, Melissa D Hellman, writer and editor, Nokia, Procedure Creations, Quality Vision International, Rochester Institute of Technology, Shenouda Associates, Inc, SUNY Buffalo State, Technical Information Solutions, Texas Tech University, The Raymond Corporation, Ver-Mac Inc., Welch Allyn, Inc., Wingz Creative & Technical Group

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