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June, July, August 2018 Volume 59 Numbers 10-12

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Details and to register: Events page of the Rochester Chapter website when information is available

Redact Room

by Ann L. Wiley, editor

The chapter election concluded on June 11. Please reach out to new officers to volunteer to help with the 60th annual chapter conference, Spectrum 2019. The Council meets for the annual crossover dinner in June.

With the issue, “Resource Reviews” returns as a regular blog post. Feature articles and other contributions to the newsletter are welcome. Contact the editor.

Meeting Report

A report of the April 24 meeting appears in the May issue.

Council Notes

The Council met on May 31. See the Chapter Chronicle for all the news coming out of the meeting.

Date and time of the next Council meeting: TBD
Contact: Chapter president Kelly Schrank

Chapter Chronicle


The Rochester Chapter had 60 members in May. If you have not already renewed, please renew now and share in another year of membership in our award winning chapter. New members are always welcome. Join or renew now via the STC website. Visit the website for information about membership levels and benefits.

The Summit report in this issue includes activities of our members at the Summit.


Education manager Carmel Priore-Garlock is working on personal contacts with professors to ensure students learn about the the Heritage Award. The Gates-Chili Careers in Demand Day was held on May 13.

Three mentors and mentees are working together. If you would like to have a mentor or to be a mentor, contact Chuck Campbell.


Employment manager Laurie Fiaretti searches for jobs by setting up notifications on job boards using key words including technical writer, technical editor, documentation specialist, and editor, as well as a broad range of roles in technical communication such as project manager. Laurie is posting job openings on the chapter website and sending notification of openings to the employment mail list. During May 13 jobs were posted.

Spectrum 2018

The Northeast Ohio chapter has published articles about Spectrum 2018 in their newsletter, by a first-time attendee, Carrie Cianciola, and by frequent attendee and presenter Tricia Spayer. Both are very favorable. The Rochester Chapter appreciates these articles and looks forward to seeing members of the Northeast Ohio chapter at Spectrum 2019.

Spectrum 2019

The 60th chapter conference, Spectrum, will be held in the spring of 2019. Plans for the conference will be posted in the coming weeks.

Chapter Elections

The election for the 2018-2019 council opened June 4 and closed June 11. Results have been announced. Elected members are:

  • President: Kelly Schrank
  • Vice President and Spectrum Co-Chair: Johanne Lavallee and Roxy Greninger
  • Treasurer: Richard Poydock
  • Secretary: Christine Christiansen
  • Program manager: Katrina Rex and Sarah Rowe
  • Membership manager: Lori Meyer
  • Education manager: Carmel Priore-Garlock
  • Member at large: Marilyn Woelk and Chuck Campbell

The remaining members of the Council are appointed. Thank you to the 2017-2018 Council members.

Educational Opportunities

Visit the STC website to see all of the Society’s current educational offerings. STC offers a webinar each Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00 PM ET. Recorded webinars are available for purchase through STC by members and by non-members (at a higher price).

Society News

Visit STC’s Notebook for the latest STC news.

The 65th Summit was held in Orlando, Florida, May 20-23, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. This issue includes a report from Rochester chapter members who attended. A call for proposals to chair the 66th Summit has been posted. The Summit will be held in Denver, Colorado, May 5-8, 2019.

STC has launched the Member-Get-a-Member campaign. Members, refer new members who join by August 15 and enter your name in the “Referred by” box on the online member application. You’ll be entered to win a prize. For details visit the Member-Get-a-Member page on the STC Website.

Summit 2018: Communicating the Future

The 2018 STC Summit took place May 20-23 at at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. Rochester chapter members attending included Ben Woelk, Johanne Lavallée, Kelly Schrank, Chuck Campbell, Bobbi Werner, Roxy Greninger, and Marilyn Woelk. They represented the Rochester Chapter at Leadership Day, when the Rochester Chapter received the Platinum Community and Pacesetter awards. Ben, Marilyn, and Johanne were presenters. Marilyn Woelk served as program manager for the Summit. Bobbi Werner served as Writing and Communication track manager. Frequent Spectrum participant David Caruso of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter served as conference manager. Kelly Schrank was recognized as a new Associate Fellow. Ben Woelk was installed as Vice President of STC.

Rochester chapter members and others have identified several sessions as being of particular interest. These include sessions by Bernard Aschwanden, Nicky Bleiel, Lacey Corbin and Michael Ward, Crystal Elerson, Sara Feldman, Liz Fraley, Jennifer Goode, Tina Kiser, Lisa Meloncon, Aiessa Moyna, Sarah O’Keefe, Mike Parkinson, Bruce Poropat, Melanie Seibert, Kirk St. Amant, Dawn Stevens, and Val Swisher. Several people have commented on the value of the Improv workshop held by Jack Molisani and Ben Woelk.

The STC San Diego chapter has several Summit videos on its YouTube channel, including one showing Ben Woelk and Sara Feldman talking about the Rochester and San Diego Pacesetter Awards.

Larry Kunz blogged about keynote speaker Carla Johnson. Ben Woelk has posted his slides on The Introvert in the Workplace.

The Policies and Procedures SIG sent a Summit report to all members by email, and will send a follow up report on SIG activities at the Summit as well. Co-manager Ann Marie Queeney mentioned that Bernard’s session on applying project management principles to technical communication projects showed the importance of having both sets of skills. Ann Marie also reported that the Improv workshop was fun and provided many useful tips–for example, if you want to engage someone in conversation, stay away from yes or no questions. Ann Marie comments, “As the role plays demonstrated, it is harder than you might think!”

The Academic SIG provided a list of members winning honors this year including:

  • Fellows: Sally Henschel (Midwestern State University), Craig Baehr (Texas Tech University), MaryKay Grueneberg, and Steven F. Jong
  • Associate Fellows: Scott R. Abel, Kelly Schrank, and Ray Gallon
  • Honorary STC Fellow:  Annetta L. Cheek
  • President’s Award: Andrea Ames

Feature articles

The chapter invites original articles for the blog on this website. The newsletter links to these features and they will be archived with each issue. Contact the editor.

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