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Proof Sheet

June-July 2016 Volume 57 Numbers 10-11

Next Meeting

Date and time: TBD
Program: TBD
Location: TBD
Details: Events page of the chapter website when available

Redact Room

The June-July issue is being posted starting on June 12. The chapter has been named Community of the Year by STC. This designation is based on the Community Achievement Award score of the Platinum communities. Congratulations to the other Platinum chapters in the running for this award, Chicago, Carolina, and Philadelphia, and thanks to our members and volunteers for making it possible for Rochester to be Community of the Year. If you need information or have information to share please contact the editor at any time.

Council Notes

Council meetings focus largely on reports and finding ways to support fellow volunteers. The Chapter Chronicle provides key news and information from the meetings and the activities of volunteers and is updated after each Council meeting. The Council last met on May 25, 2016.

Date, time and location of the next meeting: To be announced
Contact: Chapter president Bobbi Werner

Chapter Chronicle

Carmel Priore-Garlock and Bobbi Werner represented the Rochester chapter at the Gates/Chili Careers in Demand Day in April.

Students mentored this year are graduating, and more new technical communicators are participating in chapter events. Chuck Campbell will be coordinating mentoring during the next year.

The Council is beginning to a Slack channel for communications, to replace email.

Elections are complete. Thank you to the candidates, who are serving their 2016-2017 terms of office:

  • President: Bobbi Werner
  • Vice President (Spectrum co-chair): Ben Woelk and Frances Nardia
  • Secretary: Johanne Lavallée
  • Treasurer: Donna Haeger
  • Program Manager: Kelly Schrank
  • Membership Manager: Lori Meyer
  • Education Manager: Carmel Priore-Garlock
  • Members at Large: Marilyn Woelk and Charles Campbell

Immediate Past President is Wendy Ross. The remaining (non-voting) council positions will be appointed.

Council members for 2015-2016 have been President: Bobbi Werner, Vice Presidents: Kelly Schrank and Beth Fischi, Secretary: Hendrik Van Edig, Treasurer: Katie Bush, Program Manager: Ben Woelk,  Membership Manager: Lori Meyer, Education Manager: Carmel Priore-Garlock, and Members-at-Large: Marilyn Woelk and Charles Campbell, Immediate Past President: Wendy Ross, Newsletter Editor, Competition Manager, and Historian: Ann Wiley, Employment Manager: Mel Blank.

Membership Memo

The Rochester chapter has 69 members including seven new members this year. If you have not already renewed, please do so today so you will not miss the benefits of membership this year. If you are not already a member, we hope you will become a new member today.

Meeting Report

Date and time: May 25 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Program: STC Rochester Award-Winning Community Celebration and STC Summit Reports
Location: Tandoor of India in Fairport
Details: Events page of the chapter website (May 2016)

The last meeting of each year is a networking event with an opportunity for those who attended the Summit to report on sessions attended and their experience. This concludes the regular programming for the 2015-2016 chapter year. See you in September for the 2016-2017 kickoff event.

Society Notes

Ben Woelk is calling for blog posts for STC’s Notebook about experiences at the 2016 Summit. The first of these blog posts has been posted.

Visit the Live Web Seminars page on the STC website for the schedule of upcoming webinars.

Job World

Four job opportunities were distributed by email last month and posted on the website. Contact the employment manager to subscribe to the employment email announcements. Find current job openings on the Jobs page.

Feature article

Members are invited to submit original articles for posting in the blog on this website as features for the newsletter. Feature articles are also archived with each issue.

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