Perspectives on Summit 2012, Wendy Ross

Today’s Perspective on Summit 2012 is provided by incoming Rochester Chapter co-Vice President Wendy Ross. Wendy is a new member of the Rochester Administrative Council and this was her first opportunity to attend the STC Summit. STC Rochester members Marilyn Woelk, Ben Woelk, Lori Meyer, Lisa Pietrangeli, Jim Locke, Kelly Schrank, Wendy Ross, Pamela Kostur, Kim Chmielewicz, and Kat Nagel all attended the 2012 Summit.

I’m just back to work today after attending my first STC Summit. Several times today I’ve entertained the question from coworkers, “Was it worth it?” “Worth what, specifically?”, I wonder. I suspect my questioners mean the cost, the time away from the office that equals stressful catch-up work, the irritation that often comes with business travel. Regardless of what they think “it” is, I always answer with a resounding “Yes!” and a smile.

Then I am speechless. How do I explain to someone the value of the STC Summit, both personally and professionally? Although I feel it, and felt it all week, the words do not come to me as easily as words so often do.

Hillary Hart STC Summit 2012

Hillary Hart at the mic talking about community strategies at Summit Leadership Program


My Summit experience started with a whirlwind of planning when I recently learned I would attend. And then on just a few hours of sleep, I walked into Day One of the Leadership Program where I was greeted by some familiar faces, and by others who would grow to be friends over the next few days. I felt at ease in this new environment, and quickly set to learn so much more about STC leadership and organization; getting this in-depth immersion would certainly allow me to get to work in leadership quickly! My Sunday rounded out with an inspiring keynote speech by Scott Berkun and the Welcome reception where I talked to new friends, gathered materials from vendors, and had a quick bite to eat. Exhausted from my first day, I then slept well in preparation for day two.



I needn’t detail here all the presentations I attended, nor my brief trips out of the hotel to try from local faire (thanks to the Chicago Chapter’s Welcome Desk pointing me in the right direction). The fabulous presenters held my attention with ease, the venders were friendly and informative, and forging relationships with writers and leaders throughout the country and the world afforded me tremendous enthusiasm for not only my writing, but also for STC and how it (and I) can promote technical communication and writers and editors in their careers.


Pacesetter Award 2012

STC Rochester receives Pacesetter Award from President Alan Houser and Immediate Past President Hillary Hart

Although some of my favorite sessions and activities were on Wednesday, I end this brief tale with a note about the Honors Banquet on Tuesday. I believe attendance is a must for anyone who attends the Summit. The combination of networking, friendship, and honoring leading STC members and chapters instilled a sense of career-related purpose and pride in me that I had not felt in some time.

So was it worth it? “Yes!” and a smile.