Program/Course Writer – Pro-MECH Learning Systems, Rochester NY


Pro-MECH is looking for part time technical training program/course writers to develop training material for heavy duty diesel technicians. This is an ideal position for a retired diesel technician trainer as it provides a flexible work schedule with the opportunity for substantial financial returns based on the sale of the programs. This also is an excellent “part time” project to complement a current employment position.


Program/Course developers produce short term training programs on specific systems related to diesel engines, and equipment that are part of diesel engine applications. This would not only include diesel engine systems but peripheral systems on the equipment powered by the diesel engine, such as brakes, air conditioning, trailers/tankers, hydraulic systems, etc.

The candidate’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Interview subject matter experts and research the specific service issues that are causing the most costs and problems for our customers.
  • Develop training content designed to provide diesel technicians with the knowledge and skills they need to diagnose and service the equipment for these issues.
  • Draft storyboards (Power Point presentations) for instructor-led classroom sessions
  • Draft storyboards that will be the basis for eLearning courses Pro-MECH will produce
  • Design classroom simulators that will be used for hands-on training in the classroom

Pro-MECH has developed an 8 step program/course production process and templates to use in the development of these programs.

Work Location

Candidates can work at home with occasional meetings at the company’s office as required

Requirements The candidate should have 5+ years of experience developing technical training content and material. Familiarity with diesel equipment and the diesel technician industry is preferred but not a requirement.

Benefits Compensation

Compensation for these services depends on the experience of the candidate and the required involvement of Pro-MECH personnel. The typical arrangement provides a fixed fee for the development of the program at each deliverable in the process, plus a royalty payment based on the sale of the content. Royalties are paid for programs sold as well as all online sales of the eLearning courses developed as part of the program.,+NY&tk=1a5kdg07h1ple97o&from=jarecjobs&utm_source=jobseeker_emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=job_alerts