Ready for Adventure? Join the STC Rochester Council!

Why Should I be an STC Rochester Leader?

The degree of satisfaction you gain from involvement in a professional organization is directly related to the depth of your involvement. One of the most rewarding ways to serve is in leadership. STC Rochester held elections for our 2015-16 leadership council in May. We have a great chapter, and we are one of the most accomplished in all of the Society for Technical Communication. We need your help to provide a great experience!

Here’s a short list of what you may experience from active involvement in STC Rochester and serving on the leadership council:

  • The opportunity to network globally with leading technical communications practitioners.
  • The opportunity to network face-to-face with the local chapter.
  • Engagement with high-level and challenging thinkers in the technical communications profession that will help sharpen your thinking. Iron sharpens iron.
  • Opportunities for recognition through tech pubs competitions at local and international levels.
  • The opportunity to be a change agent, to have a positive impact on a close circle of fellow practitioners.
  • The opportunity to help an organization reinvent itself to keep pace with a changing profession and society.
  • The opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to mentor others and help them advance in the profession.
  • The opportunity to forge friendships with a great group of people who face similar challenges.
  • The opportunity to participate in regional and international conferences.
  • The opportunity to learn.
  • The opportunity to experience the joys and challenges of casting a shared vision.
  • The opportunity to learn and practice servant leadership.

Take a look at the leadership positions list and think about where you might fit in working with a great local organization with a strong tradition of service and leadership development.

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