SME/Content Developer, Second Avenue Learning, Pittsford NY

Job description: Second Avenue Learning is looking for self-motivated SMEs/content developers to evaluate, create and edit content for online delivery targeted to the college level Intro to Biology course.

Project responsibilities include:

§  Producing quality content involving conceptualization and creative representation.

§  Research, analyze the online and OER resources related to the Biology discipline

§  Create customized content, modify and edit existing content

§  Define and map Learning Objectives

§  Write test items and supporting documents (ie glossary)

§  Write assessments to support Learning Objectives

§  Research, evaluate and curate OER resources

§  Research, evaluate and curate related licensable content

§  Research, evaluate and pedagogically place graphics and multi-media

§  Report on work and progress

§  Participate in training for content entry program and accompanying spreadsheets

Contact person: John J. Jordan, Product Owner,