So, what’s all this hubbub about MySTC?

Last month, the Society for Technical Communication launched the MySTC network. By June 3rd, over 1400 members had logged in.

Here are a few highlights from the announcement.

MySTC will change the way technical communicators interact online. Combining the knowledge-sharing capabilities of a professional network with the interactivity and user experience of a social network, My STC is an important platform for networking, collaboration, communication, community management, and more.

Once you’re inside, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize your user experience. You can edit your profile, add personal information, upload an image or video, create or view events, and begin participating in discussions. If you’re a member of an STC chapter or SIG, you’ll be automatically added to the corresponding discussion groups when you sign in. If you’re not a member of an STC community, you can participate in open discussion groups or start your own.


One of the highlights of the STC Summit is the opportunity to connect with hundreds of technical communicators–people like you who understand the challenges of taking technical information and contextualizing it for the appropriate audience, who may be information architects or usability experts, instructional designers, technical editors, or any one of the many roles of technical communicators.

MySTC enables you to establish connections with thousands of technical communicators across the entire organization. You can join or start discussions, you can “friend” other members, you can join open groups or start your own.

MySTC also features a really cool “Who’s Online” feature which gives you the ability to chat with others, use a whiteboard, or even share your screen.

If you’re an STC Rochester member, you’ll have immediate access to the Rochester group in MySTC. Login and take some time to check out the Rochester group, “friend” your council and other members, post some pictures and videos, and explore the space to see what you’re interested in. You’ll also want to upload a picture of yourself and complete your profile.

Don’t forget to check out the videos of karaoke at the Summit After Party and the Lightning Talks!

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