Software tester/technical writer/document control specialist – CognitiveTPG, Ithaca, NY (part-time)

Software Tester:

  • Ability to learn-as-you-go and learn on need-to basis to keep up to date with the latest software and operating system changes.
  • Capability to run software on various operating systems.
  • Must be able to create, modify, and/or execute test plans.
  • Excellent observation skills. Must be able to document any changes and/or failures of the software when executing the test plans in an issues database.
  • Previous experience running device drivers, UPOS drivers, and InstallShield.
  • Must be able to confirm software’s capabilities to meet the functional specifications.
  • Provide assistance to ongoing technical support effort by helping to duplicate problems with customer applications using our drivers/software products.
  • Test firmware as required by sending scripts to our printer products using our test utility programs.
  • Responsible for testing all of the MITE 21 releases before they are shipped to our contract manufacturers and service centers.

Technical Writer:

  • Responsible to taking any changes to our product’s functional specifications and writing technical publications such as our Setup, User, and Programming manuals.
  • Excellent writing skills and the ability to take a detailed technical specification and draft language for the manuals that our customers can understand.
  • Must be able to discuss new features with our engineers to determine what the customer needs to know. Once completing this discussion, must be able to write the language in the manuals to help our customers understand CTPG products.
  • Must help write new changes to our ISO design processes and complete flow charts of the processes.
  • Assist in drafting CTPG patents using Patent-ease software.

Document Control Specialist:

  • Create engineering development releases (DR) based on input from design engineers, requests for change (RFC) or stop orders. Then send DR out to the organization for electronic approval.
  • Responsible for performing the data entry to our enterprise management system (Oracle).
  • Responsible for reviewing all information received for its accuracy.


  • Working from character code page specifications, create the glyph for each character in the code page using in-house tools
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Access)
  • Working knowledge of Adobe InDesign
  • Familiarity with databases
  • Good organization and time management skills
  • Must have good written and verbal communication skills

To apply: