Spectrum 50th and 60th Anniversary Videos

Spectrum 2019 60th anniversary video

What is Spectrum all about? See some of our 2018 speakers in action and attendees’ testimonials. Play this clip (embedded on this page) from STC Rochester on Vimeo.

For an overview and information about the event, see the Spectrum Conference page.

Spectrum 2009 50th anniversary videos

In 2009 the Rochester of STC celebrated Spectrum’s 50th year. The conference is the longest running chapter conference in STC and the longest running conference of its kind in the area. Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy is among those who recognized the milestone. The following speakers participated.

  • Patricia O’Conner—Author of the best selling book, “Woe Is I”
  • Scott Abel—World-renowned Content Wrangler
  • Cindy Currie—STC First Vice President

You can see the video spectrum 2009 from EJ Henry on Vimeo. This is a link to a QuickTime version: Video Promoting Spectrum 2009