About Spectrum

Rochester is a unique city. Here we have access to and support a wide variety of enviable attributes  for a city of our size – from large, multi-national corporations to a staggering number of entrepreneur-owned businesses, as well as fantastic restaurants, arts, and concert venues.

The businesses in Rochester support a high volume of skilled jobs in the field of technical communication. Because of that and the dedication of our chapter’s membership, the Rochester Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) is one of the strongest and longest-standing chapters in the country and has been recognized as STC Community of the Year in 2013 and 2016. One reason for our longevity is that we bring an international-level quality conference, Spectrum, to our community every year.

Attending the STC Summit, our organization’s international annual conference, isn’t always a feasible option. In light of that, our Rochester STC chapter is committed to bringing the same quality of programs and resources to you right here. We are particularly proud that so many of the speakers who come to Spectrum to provide practical, actionable, real-world-experience presentations and workshops are the same speakers who you’ll find on the national conference program. Anyone who is ready to step outside the status quo and look for new opportunities should not miss Spectrum this year.

The power of a handshake and a shared story remain powerful forms of communication and connection. It has longevity. It carries the weight of inspiring action. Our companies rely on us as employees to act – not sit idly by as life happens around us. We can influence change. We can bring information back to our companies. We need to do this – for our own development and to support our company’s vision. We need to remain relevant and show our value. That requires ideas, action, and influence. Come and learn how to make a difference with others who have done just that.

Spectrum 2018, our 59th conference, will be held March 25-27, 2018 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


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