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Collaboration throughout the Organization: No Hacks Required with Stephani Clark and Jarod Sickler

Collaboration throughout the Organization: No Hacks Required Join Stephani Clark and Jarod Sickler in this presentation as they discuss DITA collaboration between Technical Communicators and all other team members! Presentation Session Description: As Customer Success Managers at easyDITA, Stephani and Jarod work with a lot of technical communication teams and they’ve noticed a common thread: […]

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Want to be a better public speaker? Start by being a better listener with Elizabeth Reeves O’Connor

Want to be a better public speaker? Start by being a better listener. Join RIT’s School of Communication Principle Lecturer, Elizabeth Reeves O’Connor in this presentation where she discusses a major key of improving your public speaking skills – listening! Presentation Session Description: What makes great public speakers great? What makes terrible ones terrible? This […]

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Communicate the Future with David Caruso at STC-Rochester’s Spectrum Conference

Communicate the Future Join David Caruso in this presentation as he discusses how change in the profession is truly the only constant we can expect! Presentation Session Description: Since the dawn of our profession, we have explained things that were not yet real. Technologies that existed in the minds of engineers, scientists, architects and visionaries […]

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Roxy Greninger on the importance and benefit of growing your circle

Grow Your Circle … on Leadership Day! Grow your circle, network, meet new people are phrases that are often thrown around, but what’s the right way to grow your circle? Find out this Leadership Day at Spectrum with Roxy Greninger! Leadership Day Session Description: Start with YOU. What are your strengths, what is your passion, […]

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Tricia Spayer on Dealing with Public Speaking Fear!

Who me? Nervous? How to Deal with Fear of Public Speaking All people possess varying levels of Public Speaking fear, and that’s totally normal. How can you learn to best deal with that energy to your benefit? Tricia Spayer tells you in her very beneficial presentation! Session Description: “Mark Twain said: “There are two types […]

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The Agile Writer Road Trip with Mel Dedicke at Spectrum 2018

The Agile Writer Road Trip: How I Cruised to a Great Career Come to Mel’s presentation to learn how Agile has made her more marketable and increased her job satisfaction! Session Description: Buckle up, it’s a crash course on working as a tech writer on an Agile team, where everyone’s contribution is considered equal and team […]

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Add some “Flare” to your documentation at Spectrum with Nita Beck

There’s a Flare Template for That: An exploration of the varied and adaptable project templates supplied “in the box” by MadCap Flare Come to Nita’s presentation to explore your creative documentation side with MadCap Flare! Session Description: MadCap Flare, an XML-based, single-sourcing documentation tool, is replete with “in the box” project templates ready for use by […]

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Manage your Personal and Professional Energy at the 2018 Spectrum Leadership Day!

Press Play! The Power of Personal Energy Management Presentation by Cindy Currie, Senior Program Manager at DXC Technology Session Description: Managing your personal energy, both professionally and personally, is key to getting your life in order and performing well without feeling depleted when you’re done. We all have an personal energy rhythm that lends itself […]

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Moving Beyond Communication Barriers with Nancy Larbi

Stretching your Technical Communication Skills: Moving Beyond Language Barriers What an important topic for so many working in Technical Communication positions! Session Description: As a tech communicator who has lived abroad and worked in an international non-profit environment and served on the front lines for a software for-profit company interacting with their clients, Nancy compares […]

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