ZZARCHIVE Call for Proposals: Spectrum 2018

Firefighters know what it means when they arrive on the scene of a house fire and find a frantic woman in the driveway: There is a child inside. They immediately enter “the zone” (also known as “the flow”) because they know what to do based on their training and experience. This year’s Keynote Speaker, author and technical communication consultant, Judith L. Glick-Smith, Ph.D., will share her insights from her 10-year research on flow-based decision making and leadership in the fire service. When you’re in the zone, you lose your sense of time, increase productivity, and achieve better outcomes. Work even becomes fun!

How do you Hack Into Your Flow? What gets you in the zone? What techniques can help us generate innovative and complex communication more efficiently? What applications best manage our content and keep us focused? What emerging tools or methods can help tech comm pros be more effective? How can we improve our soft skills? What do we need to know now that will help us advance our careers? What’s the secret to leading fulfilling professional lives?

We are looking for speakers who can help us answer these questions and more: Please share your knowledge, research, work experiences, technical expertise, and, most importantly, willingness to teach others. We invite you to submit proposals using the official 2018 Spectrum proposal submission form.

Formats include:

  • Presentation (45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions)
  • Workshop (Tuesday, 1/2 or full day)
  • Progression (15 minute*3)
  • Panel
  • Lightning Talk (5 minute)

Anyone with experience in the latest communication techniques, technologies, approaches, solutions, leadership training, and soft-skill development is invited to submit. You do not need to be an STC member to submit a proposal. We welcome first-time and returning presenters. Presenters are eligible for a conference registration discount.

Please return this form by email to spectrum@stc-rochester.org.  Proposal deadline: Dec. 8, 2017

About Spectrum

Spectrum 2018 is March 25-27 at Rochester Institute of Technology. (The main conference is Monday, March 26 with half-day workshops planned for Tuesday, March 27.) Spectrum is the preeminent regional technical communication conference hosted by the Rochester Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. Attendees include technical writers, editors, managers, illustrators, content strategists, instructional and usability designers, researchers, students, and career transitioners. Many presenters at Spectrum have gone on to present at the national conference, STC Summit (http://summit.stc.org/).

Proposal Form: Spectrum 2018