“Clarifying Ambiguity” with STC Fellow, Chris Hester

Clarifying Ambiguity

Learning how to “manage ambiguity” can help us all to become better leaders. Don’t miss Chris Hester’s Lightning Talk presentation on Clarifying Ambiguity.

Presentation Session Description:

Working with content means striving to present information that is clear, concise, and correct. Meanwhile, the ability to “manage ambiguity” is growing more and more as a required business skill. This talk considers the implications of “managing ambiguity” as a challenge to see beyond our deliverables and draw on our range of skills to deal confidently with change and uncertainty.

Chris’ Biography:

Chris is the founder of Red Desk Studio, an STC Fellow, and a fair-weather cyclist. She has delivered successful content strategy, training, and knowledge management projects to a variety of clients, including those in the advertising, construction management, entertainment, and healthcare industries. She has been actively involved in the technical communication community as a volunteer and academic mentor, and has presented at events such as the STC Summit, the TCUK conference, and LavaCon.


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