“Coming Out: I Love Word! And you Can Too!” with Johanne Lavallée

Coming Out: I Love Word! And you Can Too!

Join Johanne Lavallée in her presentation describing the journey of an organization from confusion on how to reuse content to clarity and new insights! Don’t miss this presentation, where you will also learn some best practices for reusing content effectively!

Presentation Description:

This use case takes you through the content journey of a 60-year old small company with a new -experienced- tech writer, searching for a reuse solution. The starting point was the Atlanta 2013 STC Summit where the initial goal was to find out if DITA was the answer. In this particular case, it was… to stay in Word. Using SmartDocs to create topic-based content and a local Sharepoint to keep the snippets, variables and conditions, Johanne managed to setup the technical documentation for the whole company and discovered she could reuse 70% and sometimes build whole manuals in 2 days. This use case also shows quickly what kind of problems need to be addressed when doing documentation in French and English with variables and snippets. How to make snippets work for multiple models with the same master document, when some have less steps. You will also find out about the best practices, and the simplicity (no taxonomy) when reusing in this type of solution.

Johanne’s Biography:

With over 20 years as a technical communicator, Johanne Lavallée has been working in R&D and using most authoring tools to elaborate users, parts, maintenance, installation manuals and guides for software, hardware, and mechanical products of all kinds. She spoke at LavaCon2015, Spectrum 2016 and 2017, voluteered for Tech Writers without Borders and leads Quebec City’s Technolgical Park’s Technical Writers Club.

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This year’s conference is held from Sunday, March 25 through Tuesday, March 27 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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