Conquering the Remote Team Communication Flow with MaryKay Grueneberg

Conquering the Remote Team Communication Flow

Join MaryKay in her presentation to look at creating a cohesive team and overcoming issues related to remote and global teams, and so much more!

Presentation Description:

It doesn’t matter if your team members are in the next room, 400 miles away, or 4,000 miles away; good communication flow is an essential key for the success of your remote team. It’s also one of the biggest challenges of remote teams. Whether you are a manager or a member of a team with remote colleagues, you want the team to be productive, quality-focused, and happy.

In this session, we will tackle the challenge of good communication flow from two points of view. We will first look at techniques and tips to help managers create a cohesive team and overcome the issues related to remote and global teams. Then, we will look at tips to help the remote employee not only survive being apart from the team, but to thrive.

MaryKay’s Biography:

MaryKay has been a professional technical communicator for over 30 years. She is a writer and editor and has ten years of team management experience. She is a Certified Professional Technical Communicator and an Associate Fellow in the Society for Technical Communication. She believes in the importance of communication in every facet of life and enjoys helping to demystify technical things. She currently is a Senior User Assistance Developer at SAP and is a remote employee working with multiple global teams.

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This year’s conference is held from Sunday, March 25 through Tuesday, March 27 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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