“The Experience Comes First” with Deborah Sauer, Principal Instructional Content Designer

The Experience Comes First

Making sure your company is communicating the same message with the same voice is so essential for customer satisfaction. How do you do that with so many gatekeepers? Come to Deborah Sauer’s Lightning Talk to find out how!

Presentation Session Description:

Companies have several departments that create content…marketing, customer care, documentation, user experience…it seems like EVERYONE is communicating with the customer. BUT are they communicating with each other? Not so much. Silos. It’s not a new problem, but it is a growing problem. Customers may hear a different tone or voice, depending on the source. Sometimes the information differs. Which is one correct? How do you know? Why put customers in that place? How can we get it together and communicate accurate information in one unified voice? And what is that voice? We’ll talk about breaking down silos, creating a team, and getting the focus on the right place…doing what is right for the customers.

Deborah’s Biography:

Deborah develops strategies, optimizes processes, and authors and delivers content. She’s dedicated to providing the best content for the audience exactly when and where they need it. She’s always looking for ways to improve content development efficiencies and streamline processes through strategies such as content reuse. She’s a problem solver and loves digging into something that “can’t be done” and making it happen.


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This year’s conference is held from Sunday, March 25 through Tuesday, March 27 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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