Moving Beyond Communication Barriers with Nancy Larbi

Stretching your Technical Communication Skills: Moving Beyond Language Barriers

What an important topic for so many working in Technical Communication positions!

Session Description: As a tech communicator who has lived abroad and worked in an international non-profit environment and served on the front lines for a software for-profit company interacting with their clients, Nancy compares the two work cultures and the value we bring to each. Never underestimate your ability to see the gaps in conversations, hear the confusions, and understand competing goals in the decision-making process.

If you’re in the room and being observant, then you can focus on improving the communication and making sure that critical information is gathered and delivered. You can figure out what is beneficial for the customer to know and for your organization to know. You are the neutral third-party. You can soften the noise and be a conduit for information to be exchanged, improving the client relationship and chances of project success. If you don’t have this experience, where do you find it? How do you learn to be a strategic communicator on the front lines in multi-cultural environments?

Come to Nancy’s presentation to answer these questions and so much more!

Nancy Larbi’s Biography:

As a technical communicator in the nonprofit world at UNESCO for 20 years and in the for-profit world at SAS for 17 years, Nancy has worked and lived in a foreign country for 20 years, and she was exposed to another foreign country and culture and language for 28 years through marriage.

Trained in technical writing at The American University in Paris, Nancy is also a French literature scholar with a Master’s degree from both the University of Paris VII and Columbia University in the City of New York.

STC Accomplishments:
  • Associate Fellow of the Society of Technical Communication (STC)
  • A Certified Professional Technical Writer – Expert™ (CPTC) by the Society of Technical Communication (STC)
  • Founding member of Tech Writers Without Borders (TWWB)
  • Board member of the former STC France Chapter

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