Prepare for your Future with Spectrum 2018 Workshops

All workshops will be held on Tuesday, March 27th in the Slaughter Building (078) at the Rochester Institute of Technology. A boxed lunch is available for purchase.

1/2 day workshops

8:30-11:30 AM, Tuesday, March 27

Judith L. Glick-Smith, Ph.D., Flow-Hacking TechComm Leadership

Have you ever worked on a great team? As an individual and as a team, you are purpose-driven and focused outward. It is a joy to work when goals are clear. Decisions come easily; your creativity is honored. You and your teammates lose your sense of time and self. The work is fun! This is what is called “flow,” “ecstasis,” “peak performance.” Flow is the intersection of skills and challenges and is precipitated by a trigger or flow-hack. A recent, 10-year McKinsey study showed that people are 500% more productive when they are in flow.

In the world of TechComm, the ability to work on a team to create and innovate complex, emergent communication is a must for successful projects across the enterprise and beyond.

Working in flow is a hard skill that must be nurtured through conscious leadership, because flow itself is emergent. How can your organization help your people experience flow more often, thereby improving their productivity, decision-making, and leadership capabilities?

I have designed this workshop to be the “how” of the flow-based leadership model. The high-level objectives are to:

  • Deepen the understanding of the “flow” concept through exercises that identify one’s individual flow states and the triggers for those flow states
  • Learn how to be outward focused in a way that helps facilitate others’ flow states
  • Identify gaps that may prohibit the implementation of the flow-based leadership model and create strategies and mechanisms to mitigate those gaps

Eventbrite - Spectrum 2018: Hack Into Your Flow

12:30-3:30 PM, Tuesday, March 27

Chuck Campbell, Create Presentation Handouts That People Will Actually Use

At some point in your career, you may be required to give a presentation to a live audience. Whether your presentation includes visual slides such as PowerPoint or not, you might want to provide printed handouts to your audience.

In this workshop, we will discuss suggested “best practices” for creating handouts, and then introduce a new approach to creating printed handouts that will flow with your presentation and provide handouts that they will actually use.

You will learn how to edit the PowerPoint Notes Pages in new ways, as well as create better handouts quickly without having to use the typical built-in method of just printing slides or slide thumbnails.

  • The workshop is intended for technical communicators who create and deliver presentations to live audiences and need to provide handouts may find this presentation very useful.
  • The content will be introductory level, but may cover some features of PowerPoint above introductory level.
  • This workshop is designed for those who primarily use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations and handouts.
  • Participants must bring a laptop computer with Microsoft PowerPoint version 2010 or higher installed. Participants “may” have other presentation software, but will not receive the full benefit of the workshop without PowerPoint.

Eventbrite - Spectrum 2018: Hack Into Your Flow


Full Day Workshops

8:30 AM-3:30 PM, Tuesday, March 27

Rob Hanna, Precision Content Authoring Fundamentals: Writing Workshop

Learn the science and fundamentals of using the Precision Content writing methodology for creating effective topic-based content. You don’t need to be a DITA author to gain significant benefit from this introductory course. This one-day session will focus on the fundamentals of topic-based writing by focusing on:

  • Five Information Types used by the author for classifying and structuring content
  • Four Cognitive Principles for analyzing and organizing information more effectively
  • Three Principle Questions to ask before beginning to write content that help to set up and plan your content with your reader in mind
  • Two Language Arts we use to separate content intended to inform versus engage our readers and when and how to use them, and
  • One Unifying Content Standard needed to support the writing process and facilitate effective collaboration across your writing team.

No special skills or background is required. Will touch on DITA/XML but it is not fundamental to the presentation.

Eventbrite - Spectrum 2018: Hack Into Your Flow

8:30 AM-3:30 PM, Tuesday, March 27

Chris Hester, The Build-a-Workshop Workshop

Workshops are fun to develop: they can be an ideal format for teaching, brainstorming, and problem-solving sessions, as they provide opportunities to ignite collaboration and interaction. But workshops can also be a challenge to develop: they require planning and organization. And how in the world do you make people participate?

Attend this workshop, and learn how to plan and run effective workshops. We’ll start with a discussion of the differences between workshops and training, characteristics of successful workshops, and strategies for activity and workshop development. Then, we will break into small groups to build mini-workshops. When we reconvene, each group will have an opportunity to present its results.

You’ll leave this session with the experience of having developed a workshop, as well as tips, templates, and techniques you can use the next time a manager or client asks, “Hey, what if you make this a workshop?”

Eventbrite - Spectrum 2018: Hack Into Your Flow