Presentations Handouts 101 – What You Should Know with Chuck Campbell

Presentations Handouts 101 – What You Should Know

Join Chuck in his presentation where he discusses the basics of handouts with your presentation. If you would like to explore the topic further, you can sign up for Chuck’s workshop on Tuesday afternoon.

Presentation Description:

Why do we give handouts at presentations? What do you want your audience to do with them? In this talk, I will cover several types of presentations and handouts, offer good and bad examples of handouts, and discuss when handouts should be distributed.

Chuck’s Biography:

Chuck has created and delivered numerous technical presentations over the past 25 years to small and large clients, including the U.S. Navy, United States Postal Service, FedEx Express, Cargill, U.S. Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Norwich Pharmaceuticals, and the New York Power Authority. Chuck’s passion is learning and mastering new technologies, then teaching those technologies to others. He is always looking for new ways to engage learners, including eLearning, gamification, and other training methods and technologies.

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This year’s conference is held from Sunday, March 25 through Tuesday, March 27 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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