Roxy Greninger on the importance and benefit of growing your circle

Grow Your Circle … on Leadership Day!

Grow your circle, network, meet new people are phrases that are often thrown around, but what’s the right way to grow your circle? Find out this Leadership Day at Spectrum with Roxy Greninger!

Leadership Day Session Description:

Start with YOU. What are your strengths, what is your passion, what is your purpose? This is your core. There are three rings around your core which support your overall well-being: emotional/physical, career/financial, social/community. These rings are made up of people such as family, friends, teachers, doctors, advisors, colleagues, neighbors, etc. In this presentation, you will learn why growing your circle improves your overall health, success, and influence. You will also learn how to grow your circle; here’s a hint, it’s not the same as networking.

Roxy Greninger’s Biography:

Roxy Greninger is Texas-born, Oregon raised, and New York refined. She is a mom, a wife, a friend, and an accomplished multipotentialite. During her 12 years with Excellus BCBS, she’s had 9 different job descriptions and earned her BSBA degree in Informational Systems with Magna Cum Laude. This diverse experience has afforded her skills in customer service, process improvement, instructional design, project management, requirements gathering, business analysis, technical writing, strategic planning, and matrix collaboration but none of these are effective without her circle.

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This year’s conference is held from Sunday, March 25 through Tuesday, March 27 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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