“Techcomm is Marcom” with Bernard Aschwanden

“Techcomm is Marcomm!”

Ever wonder if there is a better way to get the marketing team on board with your techcomm plans? Come to Bernard’s presentation to learn more! Plus, learn how Adobe Technical Communication can improve your workflow during a session on Leadership Day, Sunday, March 25.

Session Description: Hack your way to the marketing team. Get them onboard by showing them that the distinction between marketing communications and technical communications is far less pronounced than it once was. Managers see little difference in skillsets and often put content creators together in one role or department – and maybe they’re right. There is truly little difference between them. They’re both an always-on dialogue with the user. Pre-sales content (marketing content) is increasingly focused on providing enough technical details so potential buyers can make an informed decision. Post-sales content (technical content), while always focused on providing enough technical details to use the product, is now evolving to provide more useful information based on business goals, presented in a more usable way, and available in a helpful format.

Bernard Aschwanden’s Biography:

Bernard solves documentation-based problems and helps companies generate more revenue. He guides clients through the best processes to create, manage, and deliver content. Once content is delivered, he helps socialize the message, understand and act on feedback, and improve the process and workflow.

He is the founder of Publishing Smarter, an Associate Fellow of STC, and the President of STC. Bernard has helped hundreds of companies implement successful solutions. He is focused on publishing better, publishing faster, and publishing smarter.


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This year’s conference is held from Sunday, March 25 through Tuesday, March 27 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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