Tricia Spayer on Dealing with Public Speaking Fear!

Who me? Nervous? How to Deal with Fear of Public Speaking

All people possess varying levels of Public Speaking fear, and that’s totally normal. How can you learn to best deal with that energy to your benefit? Tricia Spayer tells you in her very beneficial presentation!

Session Description:
“Mark Twain said: “There are two types of speakers: those who are nervous, and those who are liars.” A few years ago, my idea of public speaking was someone overhearing me in the grocery store. For many of us, public speaking is terrifying. The bad news is, you cannot turn off nervousness. It is a natural bodily reaction. The good news is, you can use your nervous energy to your advantage!

In this session, learn techniques for breathing, eating and drinking, preparing presentations, exercising, and even dressing to help quell your nervous energy.

Tricia Spayer’s Biography:

Tricia Spayer, STC Associate Fellow, has been a Technical Writer and Illustrator for Pressco Technology Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio since 1996. She has added the roles of Content Manager/ Administrator, Web designer, and most recently, video specialist to her job description. Tricia was terrified to speak in front of groups, so she joined Toastmasters. She earned her Distinguished Toastmaster award in 2017, which is the highest award presented by Toastmasters International.

Some STC Accomplishments:
  • Tricia served on the STC Board of Directors for three years!
  • She’s also served on the Northeast Ohio STC Chapter’s administrative council since 2000.

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