UI Text: Writing the Content that Users Actually Read with Deborah Sauer

UI Text: Writing the Content that Users Actually Read

Join Deborah in her presentation on how to make your UI text efficient and useful to your audiences!

Presentation Description:

Your users may not read your manuals, but they have to read the UI text to use your software, app, or website. We’ll talk about how can you make the on-screen text help your audience get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll look at content such as screen headings and body text, icons and buttons, error messages, hyperlinks, and deep links. Topics we’ll explore include sentence structure, content length, tone of voice, writing style, and localization considerations.

Deborah’s Biography:

Deborah develops strategies, optimizes processes, and authors and delivers content. She’s dedicated to providing the best content for the audience exactly when and where they need it. She’s always looking for ways to improve content development efficiencies and streamline processes through strategies such as content reuse. She’s a problem solver and loves digging into something that “can’t be done” and making it happen.

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This year’s conference is held from Sunday, March 25 through Tuesday, March 27 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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