What formats of presentations are you looking for and what are the associated discounts?

  • A variety of speakers, topics, and presentation styles will offer opportunities to learn, network, and revitalize your excitement about our profession. Presenters receive full or discounted registration for the Monday conference. All presenters are encouraged to attend the Sunday night speaker dinner as our guests.

    FormatDescriptionEstimated TimeRegistration compensation
    Lightning TalkDeliver a five-minute presentation with 20 slides. Your topic can be insightful, humorous, or thought-provoking. You do not need to tie your lightning talk to one of our topic streams, as long the topic is relevant to technical communication.You must provide exactly 20 slides, which will be displayed every 15 seconds. You will not have control over the speed at which your slides will be displayed!Lightning talks will be the final conference session, and will bring everyone together for an exciting wrap to the day!Total time per lightning talk: 5 minutes. You must provide 20 slides – no more, no less.50% discount on Sunday/Monday or Monday conference registration
    PanelWith two or three co-presenters, discuss diverse viewpoints on an issue or technique, and work together to answer questions from the audience. Each panel member gives a brief opening statement. The rest of the session is a dialog between the panelists and audience.Total time: 1 hour.one complimentary Sunday/Monday or Monday registration. May be split among panelists.
    PresentationInform your audience about a concept, process, tool, or technology that can be applied in a technical communication environment.Presentations should be 45 minutes long with 15 minutes for Q&A.
    Total time: 1 hour.
    one complimentary Sunday/Monday or Monday registration
    Progression (note that we are offering progression speakers the option of doing a spotlight talk instead.)A progression consists of three to four topics, each delivered by a different speaker to a table of attendees. As a progression speaker, you address the audience for 10 to 15 minutes about a specific topic, followed by a discussion and questions. Attendees rotate between speaker tables throughout the session.Total time per progression presentation: approximately 20 minutes.Total time: 1 hour.50% discount on Sunday/Monday or Monday conference registration
    Spotlight Present a 18-minute talk as a set of three presenters.Presentation (18 minutes)50% discount on Sunday/Monday or Monday conference registration
    Workshop/tutorial (main conference day)Teach attendees how to do or create something through demonstrations and hands-on exercises.Total time: 1 hour. Plan to spend at least 1/3 of the time on an interactive demonstration or learning exercise. The entire workshop session must be completed within 1 hour.one complimentary Sunday/Monday or Monday registration
    Tuesday WorkshopTopic of your choice3.5 or 7 hour workshop.Contact the Spectrum co-chairs for compensation information.

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