What topics are you looking for?

In keeping with our theme this year, how do you recommend participants optimize their careers to keep pace in an evolving profession?

Some ideas to get you thinking about what to put into your proposal for Spectrum:

  • Offer your best practices for creating use cases when using Agile methodology.
  • Discuss how you use personas to better meet your audience’s needs.
  • Offer a workshop on crafting a business case for your team.
  • How do we transition to supporting the vast array of inter-networked computers and devices?
  • Is there still a role for the traditional technical writer?
  • What skillsets do we need to keep pace and stay employed?
  • Are there soft skills we need to develop?
  • Do we need to learn how to develop apps?
  • Is knowledge of DITA or content management systems important?
  • What are the new opportunities and challenges?
  • What are YOU an expert in?


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