STC Rochester 2013-14 Election Results

The Rochester chapter election results are in. All candidates ran unopposed, and were elected according to the requirements stated in the chapter by-laws. The official election counts can be seen at
Next year’s elected Council members include:
  • President — Wendy Ross
  • Vice Presidents — Bobbi Werner and John Lukes
  • Treasurer — Kathryn Bush
  • Secretary — Kelly Schrank
  • Membership — Lori Meyer
  • Programs — Jackie Paterson and Estelle Holloway
  • Education — Carmel-Priore Garlock
  • Members-at-Large –Kim Chmielewicz and Marilyn Woelk

Next year’s Council member by succession is:

  • Immediate Past President/Nominations Chair — Steph Fuchs
Additional Council members for appointed positions will be announced at the  June Crossover meeting for areas including:
  • Tech Pubs Competition
  • Web, Employment
  • PR
  • Chapter Historian
If you have any questions, please contact Marilyn Woelk, Nominations Chair for 2013-2014. Thank you!