STC Rochester Chapter Leadership Positions, 2011-2012

Below are descriptions of the positions available on the chapter council for 2011-2012. Serving on the council offers experiences in leadership, networking, and collegiality, as well as affording an opportunity to “give back”. For more information contact Steph Fuchs ( of the nominations committee.

Position Descriptions

President (elected)

  • Exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Chapter,
  • Preside at meetings of the Chapter and the Administrative Council,
  • Appoint heads of Chapter committees subject to Council approval, and is an
  • Ex officio member of all Chapter committees.
  • Set monthly Council Meeting dates
  • Prepare Council Meeting agendas and distribute them before the meeting to all council members
  • Review and approve Council minutes from the recording secretary before they are sent to the council members.
  • Introduce monthly program speakers, if Program Manager is unavailable.
  • Maintain active engagement with Society level initiatives through various communications channels and share appropriate content with the council.
  • Prepare Chapter Status reports and send to the Director Sponsor.
  • Facilitate monthly council meetings to ensure they run smoothly and on time
  • Represent the STC at any appropriate business community activities
  • Act as the official representative of STC Rochester to the Society and to external entities
  • Coordinate the selection of the Barbara Knight Award and Rookie of the Year Award, and present them at spectrum
  • Select recipient(s) of President’s Award and present award at spectrum
  • Help Vice President with any spectrum issues

Vice President (elected)

  • Assume the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President and perform such duties as the President or the Council may assign.
  • Head the seminar committee (spectrum)
  • Attend Administrative Council monthly meetings

Seminar planning activities:

  • Determine scope of seminar: one vs. two days, calendar date, number of simultaneous program tracks, extent of mailings and promotions, prestige level of keynote speaker, etc.
  • Book seminar site, agree to financial and hospitality arrangements, place deposit by early summer
  • Solicit and organize seminar volunteers; approach supporting committees to delegate necessary activities such as registration, program, speaker arrangements, vendor exhibits, printed programs, proceedings, hospitality, publicity, etc. (Registration and program committees have the largest responsibility.)
  • Plan a calendar of events, draft memorandums of understanding for each major committee
  • Solicit speakers in a fair and open manner. Create a call for papers and send it out by October. The Call for Papers should identify the theme for the conference, and the types of subjects/speakers requested. The Call for Papers should be posted on the Chapter website, and broadcast to various business professionals, professional organizations, and educational institutions.
  • Ensure the final program is a balanced mix of topics with a broad-based group of presenters from a mix of backgrounds and employers.
  • Control the financial aspects of the seminar and report to the Administrative Council.
  • Tabulate speaker evaluations, send thank you notes, compile financial report, etc. after the seminar is concluded
  • Deliver the annual financial report for the seminar to the Chapter Treasurer in a timely fashion.
  • Monitor expenses and encourage sufficient revenue (from registrations and vendor payments) so that costs and revenues break even
  • Adhere to STC and IRS guidelines; for example, assuring that committee members use the tax-exempt form when securing materials, etc.

Treasurer (elected)

  • Maintain books and financial records so they can be inspected at any time
  • Attend regular meetings of the Administrative Council, providing monthly budget reports for review during the Chapter year, September through May.
  • Pay bills and deposit Chapter funds in any bank or savings and loan institution that is a member of the FDIC
  • With the assistance of the Chapter President and Council, prepare a budget each year and present it for approval in September to the Administrative Council.
  • Prepare year-end reports; one for submission to STC International following the requirements defined to meet the IRS regulations, and another report to document the variation to the Chapter’s financial plan. Review all signed contracts such as those provided by management companies, caterers, and hotels
  • Archive Chapter materials
  • Conduct an informal audit
  • Coordinate a meeting with the President and Immediate Past-President to sign the Bank signature authorization cards.
  • With the assistance of the president, file required tax and informational returns.
  • The treasurer usually serves two years

Recording Secretary (elected)

  • Attend regular meetings and keep the minutes.
  • Prepare draft version of minutes and submit to the president for review and approval; update minutes as necessary to create final version.
  • Distribute copies of the approved minutes to council members and to the archivist for storage.
  • Record action items and maintain a running action item list from Council meetings.
  • Review open action items at council meetings and track them to closure.

Program Manager (elected)

  • Maintain yearly schedule of meetings, including day/date, speakers, locations, and monthly co-chairs.
  • Solicit speakers on a variety of topics of interest to members.
  • Arrange for meeting locations and refreshments.
  • Co-ordinate planning and reservation details.
  • Co-ordinate advance publicity with Marketing Manager.
  • Co-ordinate budgeting with Treasurer.
  • Write thank-you notes to speakers.
  • Attend regular meetings of the Administrative Council

Nominations (Immediate Past President)

  • Attend regular meetings of the Administrative Council
  • Request names of candidates at Chapter and Council meetings
  • Contact individual members for recommendations
  • Review the qualifications and availability of the candidates
  • Select candidates and prepare the ballot
  • Mail the slate of candidates and ballots to Chapter members before the Chapter business meeting
  • Count and record the votes
  • Announce the results at the annual business meeting and via the website
  • Give the chapter treasurer the names and addresses of the elected officers for inclusion in the chapter’s financial report to the Society
  • Remind the president to notify the STC office and director of new officers

Education Manager (elected)

  • Develop educational programs and establish scholarships.
  • Stimulate the exchange of information by means of publications, meetings and conferences
  • Organize and conduct the Kepner Award technical communication competition for area college students. The Kepner Awards are presented at the May dinner.
  • Work with the Rochester City School District, helping with the Steve Ridley Memorial Writing Scholarship for high school seniors. The Ridley Award is presented at the May dinner, but may also be awarded at individual high school commencement ceremonies.
  • Serve as the chapter liaison to related STC inter­national committees
  • Design, arrange, publicize and conduct at least one seminar or workshop aimed at improving technical communication competencies of the chapter members and others
  • Publicize educational and professional develop­ment opportunities such as a call for papers for professional meetings, communication courses and surveys related to education and training
  • Review books about education in technical com­munication, report on them for the chapter newsletter and offer this service to STC’s’ Intercom and Technical Communication publications
  • Design and coordinate at least one innovative educational activity for members
  • Responsible for any STC student chapters affiliated with local area col­lege(s), but can delegate these duties.
  • Retain overall responsibility for Technical Publications Competition (usually delegated to a separate committee).
  • Assume the responsibil­ity for (may delegate) the duties of Librarian as follows:
    • Obtain all STC publications from the previous Librarian.
    • Keep the collection current, i.e., maintain a complete list (obtain new editions and new publications from the STC headquarters).
    • Display and otherwise make STC publications and ordering information available to Chapter leaders and members at membership meetings and the annual Chapter seminar.

Membership Manager (elected)

  • Attend monthly Council meetings to report membership status/ideas.
  • Send new members a welcome email.
  • Provide membership materials you receive from STC for the registration table at the monthly chapter meetings.
  • Provide membership materials to individuals upon request.
  • Email members for updated biographies and pictures for the membership directory.
  • Send out the updated membership directory to the Rochester membership in October AND April.
  • Run the membership drive between September and November to attract to new members (including sending out membership materials to different area companies that may have prospective members).
  • Check the Community Reports on the STC website to verify that your membership list is current or to get list of cancelled members, etc.
  • Check the Community Reports for members who did not renew in February and send them an email reminding them to renew or ask them if they do not plan to renew and why (such as career change, retirement, etc.).
  • Communicate all relevant chapter information to membership via email
  • Maintain chapter distribution list with updated information from membership manager

Webmaster (appointed)

  • Maintain chapter website
  • Post relevant and timely information pertaining to monthly programs, seminars, and general chapter news.
  • Facilitate chapter elections on website.
  • Send acknowledgments to people who inquire, or comment and re-route accordingly.
  • Attend monthly council meetings.
  • Check security logs and transaction logs to ensure system is secure, running well, and that access times are reasonable.
  • Perform periodic website link checks to make sure any external links are still valid.
  • Create new web pages or changes existing ones to provide fresh, updated content.
  • Update site navigation.
  • Back up files from the website to a local directory for instant recovery in case of problems.


Technical Publications Competition Manager (appointed)

  • Manage the competition budget
  • Attend monthly Council meetings and spectrum planning meetings as possible.
  • Develop and distribute the Call for Entries
  • Solicit judges
  • Accept and log incoming entries
  • Coordinate consensus judging session
  • Determine awards/inform submitters of award level
  • Forward qualifying entries for STC International Summit Awards
  • Present awards at awards ceremony, typically held during spectrum

Marketing Manager (appointed)

  • Increase business and public recognition of the chapter and the Society
  • Promote and publicize spectrum
  • Establish liaison with other STC chapters and branches of other professional organizations
  • Maintain the media contact list
  • Offer opportunities for member participation in community outreach/volunteer activities
  • Promote and publicize the chapter using social media

Employment Manager (appointed)

  • Investigate job opportunities on the Internet.
  • Email job postings to STC Rochester members who have opted to receive job information via e-mail announcements
  • Post job leads with links and details on the STC Rochester Web site
  • Serve as a contact for notices about positions or inquiries about employment in our area on a continuous basis.
  • As time permits, let Employment List members know about other job-related opportunities, for example: job fairs
  • As time permits, develop contacts among employers.