STC Rochester: Designing Your Resume for Today’s Job Market

Designing Your Resume for Today’s Job Market

If you ask Pam Patterson, it’s more than about keywords. You need to understand how job applicant systems work so that your resume can navigate through these sophisticated systems right to the hiring manager. Pamela Paterson, as part of a team that implemented a job applicant system for a global financial auditing company, has an insider’s edge into how these systems work and how they are used along with traditional human resources methods to select candidates. Through the techniques covered in the presentation, you will learn how to transform your resume into an effective marketing tool that can outpace the competition in search engines and spike the interest of hiring managers. Participants call these techniques “eye opening”, “a piece of gold”, and “amazing”. Whether you are a new grad looking for your first job or an experienced professional facing the competitive job market, this workshop is for you. Bring your resume and look forward to receiving helpful tips and hands-on advice.

Meet our Speaker

Award-winning writer Pamela Paterson ( provides communications and writing expertise to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals. Over 20 years, Pamela has written thousands of documents in over 30 subject areas. She is the author of two books on resumes, and has helped hundreds of people transform their resumes through her presentations and workshops. Pamela has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Masters of Chemical and Life Sciences, and was recently inducted into the same honor society as Hilary Rodham Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Pamela is a consultant and college instructor from Toronto, Canada.

Program Details

Date: Tuesday April 9, 2013

Time:  6:00 – 8:30 pm

Monroe’s (in the Spring House)
Vintage Room? 3001
Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

Dinner: Monroe’s will be serving the following buffet dinner in the Vintage Room

  •   Pasta Marinara
  •   Penne Vodka
  •   Italian Sausage
  •   Salad
  •   Rolls and butter
  •   Dessert
  •   Coffee and tea

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