STC Rochester’s Butterfly Event Begins a Season of Transformation

by Kathy Porray, Proof Sheet editor

Touring the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden at the Strong National Museum of Play on the evening of September 21st proved to be a delightful way to start the chapter’s 2010–2011 season. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to visit this Rochester gem, you’re missing a real treat.

Our evening began with a networking reception, which allowed us to interact with new and familiar friends after our summer hiatus. Katherine’s Gourmet Creations of Pittsford provided the catering. Nibbles included a variety of mini quiches, bruschetta, chicken-French bites, asparagus rolls with bleu cheese and garlic, fruit, and a variety of gourmet cupcakes and beverages.

For the tour, a paved path in the conservatory led us through a lush rain-forest-like garden filled with hundreds of brilliantly-colored, free-flying butterflies. It was interesting to discover that the winged adults of most of the species live only a week or two, and that the conservatory replenishes its supply with approximately 500 new butterflies weekly.

Adding to the excitement of the evening, business reporter Matthew Daneman (Democrat and Chronicle) attended the event and featured the Rochester chapter in the Sunday, September 26th business section (link below).

Chapter President Ben Woelk welcomed the 30 attendees, comprised of 18 STC members and 12 non-members, introduced the council team, and outlined chapter goals for the upcoming year. One of our major initiatives is to engage the membership to transform STC Rochester. We’ll revitalize our chapter by meeting the individual needs of our members and being relevant to our community. To do this, Ben stressed the necessity for feedback from the membership. Contact any member of your council team and let us know what you’d like to see this year.

Note from the president: Why did we choose the Butterfly Garden? Butterflies symbolize transformation in many cultures. STC is in the midst of major change; the butterfly shows us that this change can be extraordinary.

Let’s be extraordinary.


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