Virtual Programming from the STC Puget Sound Chapter

STC Puget Sound Chapter

November 18th from 10am -to 12 pm PST – How to Use Word Like a Boss! Free Webinar!

If you register and attend, you will receive a copy of the recorded webinar.

Transform your basic Word skills into mastery. In this event you will learn to:

  • Generate a table of contents based on built-in styles
  • Create and modify styles to create a new template
  • Move a template containing new styles between documents
  • Learn about built-in CTRL keys that you can use to supercharge your work.
  • Add CTRL+ keys to styles to work faster and more powerfully.

If you have been using Word for years but can’t auto-generate a table of contents or can’t change the look of your document by making a change to one style (basically 1-click) then you should attend this class!

In addition, we’ll be doing some work with the index and TOC and showing you why you should turn off paragraph markers when you generate these items, and much more. This will be a jam-packed session!

The class is free but you must register in order to attend and to receive the link to the webinar.

The Puget Sound Chapter has a 100-seat webinar tool available for these Saturday Sessions and is inviting other chapters to offer commonly used tools to train on. Puget Sound will facilitate using its tool to help you put on a webinar that will help all of our chapters. See The Saturday Series for more information about the concept behind these courses.

Make sure to configure and test Zoom (conferencing tool) ahead of time. Download and test the Zoom tool to verify that it functions prior to the event. Be sure to perform the audio test if you plan to use VOIP prior to the meeting event or you will have audio problems and the host will not be dealing with them during the event.

Seeking Others to Participate as Trainers on Other Subjects

The Puget Sound Chapter is doing a session on Learning Word in November and is looking for people who’d like to do similar sessions on PPT, Excel, and other tools that are standard tools for new tech comm graduates or those returning after an absence. But anyone can come and pick up some forgotten skills and knowledge. What can you teach? Or who would be a good person to reach out to? 

About the Presenter:

Lin Laurie is experienced in Office training, and also an Adobe Technical Training Partner. She’s an expert Captivate and RoboHelp Trainer and the current president of the STC Puget Sound (Seattle-area) Chapter. Previously for 7 years she was the programming manager of the San Diego chapter. She runs her own company,, occasionally contracts for other companies, and has been active in the technical writing and instructional design communities in both Seattle and San Diego for more than 40 years. Prior to that, she was a custom financial applications software developer in Silicon Valley. She has a MA. Ed from University of WA.

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