Member Awards

The Society for Technical Communication and the Rochester Chapter of STC have a program of awards to recognize the contributions of volunteers at the chapter and Society levels. Each of these awards is described on this page.

Rochester Chapter Rookie of the Year Award

In 1997, the Rochester Chapter initiated the Rookie of the Year Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize a first-time volunteer who has made the largest contribution for the year.

The recipient may be a new member, or a longer-term member who has volunteered for the first time. The award may be given to a member who holds elected office, or who is appointed to serve on the Council or a committee. Only one award is presented each year. Please view the list of Rookie of the Year Award recipients.

Rochester Chapter Barbara Knight Award

The Barbara Knight Award was established as a distinguished service award at the chapter level, and was presented to Barbara Knight for her great service to the Chapter. Subsequently the award was called “the most valuable member award.” With Barbara’s untimely passing in 1984, the award was named for her.

Traditionally the Barbara Knight Award is given to a member who does not hold an elected office. This is because Barbara Knight has been remembered primarily for service in non-elected roles. However, Barbara was the long-time recording secretary of the Chapter. Ordinarily only one award is presented each year. Please view the list of Barbara Knight Award recipients.

Carl E. Klug President’s Award

In 2004 the Rochester STC council named the President’s Award, for Carl E. Klug, its first recipient in 2002. Carl served the chapter as treasurer for two terms and volunteered for many other chapter activities. Everyone enjoyed working with Carl, a dependable and knowledgeable chapter member. His quiet competence impressed all who knew him and his understated sense of humor lifted our spirits.

The criteria for the award is established each year at the discretion of the Chapter President. Please view the list of Carl E. Klug President’s Award recipients.

STC Distinguished Chapter Service Award

The Distinguished Chapter Service Award (DCSA) is presented by the Board of STC. The Council of each chapter can nominate candidates each year. The number of nominees allowed from a chapter depends on the size of the chapter. The DCSA committee reviews the nominees and submits those approved to the Board for consideration. The Board reviews the nominees and determines which nominees will win the award.

Not every chapter nominates candidates each year. Sometimes there are no members who meet the criteria for the award. Criteria include length and variety of service to the chapter. Nominees are also expected to have contributed throughout the time they have been members.

Because not all nominees are approved by the committee and the Board, the Council does not disclose the names of the nominees.

The Distinguished Chapter Service Award was initiated in 1989. Please view the list of Distinguished Chapter Service Award recipients.

STC Associate Fellow and Fellow Honors

STC Associate Fellows are senior members who have been recognized for their service to STC and to technical communication. Nominations are made by a Society-level nominating committee and the grade of membership is awarded by the STC Board. Criteria include length and caliber of service to the profession and to STC.

Fellows are members of STC who have made distinguished contributions to both the Society and the profession. Fellows are nominated by a Society-level nominating committee. Only Associate Fellows are eligible for nomination, which is based on review of credentials submitted optionally by the Associate Fellows themselves.

Please view the list of Associate Fellows and Fellows in the Rochester Chapter.