Carl E. Klug President’s Award Recipients

Thank you to our President’s Award recipients for their service.

Amanda Patterson (2022)
Carmel Priore-Garlock (2021)
Richard Poydock (2020)
Ann L. Wiley (2020)
Roxy Greninger (2019)
Johanne Lavallée (2019)
Meghan Palumbo (2018)
Ann L. Wiley (2018)
Eilysh Haeger (2017)
Katie Bush (2016)
Kelly Schrank (2015)
Roberta (Bobbi) Werner (2014)
Estelle Holloway (2014)
Marilyn Woelk (2013)
Jackie Paterson (2013)
Rita Cronise (2012)
Lori Meyer (2011)
Ben Woelk (2010)
Stephanie Bazinet (2009)
Linda Beattie , Jennifer Ferris, Jane Grady, Anne McNelis, Jeff Mehr, Tom Moran, Barbara Thomas, Kathryn Wise (2008)
Amy Castronova, Steve McNair, Anne McNelis, Katherine Nagel, Jan Peartree (2007)
Doris Sturzenberger, Joe Uhal, Tom Moran (2006)
Lisa Moretto, Cheryl Schreiner, Jennifer M. Ferris, Ginny Skinner-Linnenberg, and Louise M. Remington (2005)
Sandra J. Swanson (2004), for her enthusiasm, sound advice, and support in every aspect of chapter activities.
Richard Poydock (2003), for distinguished service in implementing and managing our email lists.
Carl Klug (2002), for the highest standard of volunteerism and sustained and significant contributions to the chapter.