Chapter Awards

Every year, the Rochester Chapter Council members work hard to provide our members with a great experience, educational and networking opportunities, and more! Here are some of the Rochester Chapter’s many awards.

2022 Platinum Community

2021 Community of the Year, Pacesetter, Platinum Community

2021 STC Community of the Year AwardSTC 2021 Pacesetter Award2021 STC Platinum Community Achievement Award

2020 Community of the Year, Pacesetter, Platinum Community

2020 STC Community of the Year2020 STC Pacesetter AwardSTC Platinum Community Achievement Award

2019 Community of the Year, Pacesetter, Platinum Community


2019 Community of the Year2019 Pacesetter Award   2019 Platinum Community Acheivement Award

2018 Pacesetter, Platinum Community

2018 Pacesetter Award 2018 Platinum Community Award

2017 Pacesetter, Platinum Community

2017 Pacesetter Award 2017 Platinum Community Award

2016 Community of the Year, Platinum Community

2016 Community of the Year2016 Platinum Community Award

2015 Pacesetter, Platinum Community

2015 Pacesetter Award  2015 Platinum Community Award

2014 Community of Excellence

2014 Community of Excellence

2013 Community of the Year, Community of Distinction

2013 Community of the Year 2013 Community of Distinction

2012 Community of Excellence

2012 Community of Excellence

2011 Pacesetter, Community of Excellence

2011 Pacesetter Award 2011 Community of Excellence

2010 Pacesetter, Community of Excellence

2010 Pacesetter Award 2010 Community of Excellence