2011 Chapter Membership Survey

Chapter Membership Survey

The Rochester chapter surveyed its members in December of 2011 to learn more about their reasons for being STC and chapter members, the value that membership offers, where they live and work, how they use chapter and STC services, and the types of programs and services that interest them.

Twenty-four members responded. Here is what they told us.


  • Nearly half of respondents have been chapter members for more than 10 years.
  • More than 20% have been members for five to 10 years.
  • Half of respondents’ employers pay for their STC membership.

Reasons for joining STC

  • Nearly half of respondents cited opportunities for networking and making membership contacts as the most important factor for having joined STC.
  • Twenty-five percent cited services from STC (publications, SIG memberships, and educational offerings) as the second most important factor.
  • More than 60% of respondents cited opportunities for career growth as a contributing factor to their joining STC.
  • Nearly 55% cited skill building as a contributing factor.

STC membership: value for the money

  • More than 60% of respondents are also members of other organizations such as IEEE, IABC, and ASTD.
  • Nearly 70% noted that membership in STC is more expensive than membership in other organizations.
  • Nearly 55% of respondents said that they considered the cost of STC membership to be reasonable; nearly 45% considered the cost of membership to be too expensive.

Chapter meetings and programs

  • More than 60% of respondents consider our chapter meetings to be a good value for the food and presenters.
  • Nearly 35% would prefer varied expense options throughout the year.
  • More than 63% would be willing to pay more for a special event with an out-of-town speaker.

Where we live

  • Most respondents (25%) live in Rochester, Brighton, or Henrietta.
  • Nearly 17% come from Webster, Williamson, Ontario County, Penfield, Fairport, Pittsford, Perinton, and Macedon.
  • Two respondents live more than 200 miles from Rochester.

Where we work

  • Most respondents also work in Rochester, Brighton, or Henrietta.
  • Nearly 13% work in Penfield, Fairport, Pittsford, Perinton, or Macedon; Greece, Hilton, or Irondequoit; and greater Syracuse/Central New York.
  • Nearly 65% had no preference as far as proximity of chapter meetings to their home or workplace.

Chapter services: what we use

  • Nearly 67% of respondents cited our annual Spectrum conference as the primary chapter service that they use or in which they participate.
  • Nearly 59% attend regular chapter events; nearly 34% attend special or holiday events.
  • Nearly 38% have participated in the chapter technical publications competitions.
  • Nearly 34% have attended webinars co-hosted with other chapters.
  • Nearly 30% access job postings on the chapter website.

STC International services: what we use

Among STC International services, the monthly Intercom magazine was used most by nearly 80% of respondents.
Nearly 59% said they are members of one or more STC Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
Nearly 42% said they have attended an STC webinar.
Nearly 45% use the MySTC social media service.
Nearly half said that that they use chapter-level services more than STC International services.

Staying with STC

  • Nearly 88% of respondents had renewed their STC memberships or were planning to renew.
  • Of those planning to renew, nearly 92% said they had included, or planned to include, the Rochester chapter in their STC membership renewal.

Staying with the Rochester chapter

  • Of those planning to renew, nearly 92% of respondents said they had included, or planned to include, the Rochester chapter in their STC membership renewal.

Member interests

  • Training was cited as a major interest for our respondents.
  • Nearly 67% expressed interest in webinars.
  • Nearly 48% were interested in full-day or half-day training and joint presentations with other organizations.
  • Nearly 29% would like the chapter to have a newsletter.
  • More than 14% expressed interest in one or more career-day events.

downloadable survey report with bar graphs is also available.