Join the Mentoring Program!

Students and new technical communicators–Explore the exciting field of technical communication.

• Do you have good communication skills?
• Are you able to explain technical concepts clearly?
• Are you interested in helping end users?

If you’d like to explore a career in a field that plays to your strengths while giving you the opportunity to learn new technologies, check out the Rochester Chapter mentoring program.

Technical Communication is an exciting field that embraces a number of disciplines:

  • Marketing communication
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Indexing
  • Information architecture
  • Instructional design
  • Technical illustration
  • Globalization and localization
  • Usability and human factors
  • Visual design
  • Web design and development
  • Teaching and research in technical communication

The Rochester Chapter mentoring program gives participants an opportunity to explore a viable career field by meeting in person or virtually a couple of times each month with an experienced technical communication professional.

The mentoring program will help you

  • Develop your networks and increase your visibility
  • Receive career guidance and job search tips
  • Polish specialized skills
  • Move from school to industry
  • Enhance your skills for career advancement
  • Receive support for your membership in the Society for Technical Communication (student members only)

Experienced technical communicators–Pay it forward! Become a mentor and change the world.

  • Do you want to make a difference?
  • Would you like the opportunity to work with students and prepare them for our exciting techcomm field?

If you are an experienced technical communicator, you are invited to serve as a mentor for students and practitioners interested in or new to technical communication.

The mentoring program pairs experienced technical communicators with students enrolled in technical communication programs and related fields and people new to the field. The mentoring program provides a structured approach by which mentors from the Rochester Chapter provide one-on-one assistance to mentees, helping them establish themselves successfully as technical communicators. For students, the program spans two semesters or three quarters depending on the college or university. Mentors have contact with their mentees monthly.

The mentoring program will let you

  • Gain personal satisfaction from helping others discover their potential
  • Enhance coaching, feedback, and leadership skills
  • Gain exposure to new perspectives from the mentee
  • Expand professional networks

How do I get more information about this exciting opportunity?

For more information, contact Bobbi Werner,