Leadership Opportunities

Rochester Chapter

For more than five decades, the Rochester Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication has been an active and innovative presence for technical communicators. We invite you to consider volunteering and helping to lead he chapter. We have many positions available on the chapter council each year. Serving on the council offers great opportunities to build leadership skills, expand your network, and contribute to the development of our profession through service.

You can learn more about the benefits of volunteering: Why Volunteering Can Boost Your Career and download Position Descriptions. If you’re interested in any of these elected or appointed positions, or if you have questions, contact the chapter president at any time (president@stc-rochester.org).

Elected positions

These positions are elected by the chapter membership.

President: Provides overall leadership for the chapter; appoints committee managers and other volunteers; presides at administrative council meetings; represents the chapter to the Society and other organizations; promotes member engagement, volunteering, and recognition.

Vice President and Spectrum Manager (one or two positions): Manage the annual Spectrum conference: Plans and oversees all conference activities; recruits volunteers for conference team; coordinates logistics for conference venue, programs, and social events; manages conference budget. The vice president assumes the duties of the president in the absence or incapacity of the president.

Secretary: Records and distributes the minutes of council meetings; assists other council members as needed.

Treasurer: Manages the chapter’s bank accounts; handles financial transactions; submits required reports and tax documents to STC and the IRS; promotes responsible stewardship of chapter funds.

Program Managers (one or two positions): Drive the chapter’s regular program schedule throughout the year: recruits speakers for monthly meetings; coordinates publicity and logistics for regular chapter programs and special events.

Membership Manager: Welcomes new members; keeps track of chapter membership data; leads membership recruitment and renewal initiatives; provides support to chapter members with questions or issues with their membership; promotes member engagement.

Education Manager: Works with chapter leaders to develop educational programs and establish scholarships; organizes and conducts the Heritage Awards; publicizes educational and professional development opportunities; serves as liaison with STC student chapters affiliated with area colleges and universities.

Member at Large (2 positions): Works on chapter initiatives as outlined by the chapter president and council.

Immediate Past President: Serves as manager of the nominating committee: Works with the council to recruit candidates for leadership positions; manages the chapter election process, including publicizing the election, creating and distributing the ballot, counting votes, and notifying the president of the election results. Assists the council in other ways as needed.

Appointed positions

These positions are appointed by the chapter president.

Webmaster: Maintains the chapter web site; performs troubleshooting and problem resolution as needed; works with president and other volunteers to post content; encourages members to use the site and contribute content; researches tools and resources to improve the usability and reliability of the site.

Competition Liaison: Leads all activities related to the chapter’s participation in the annual regional technical communication competition, the STC Alliance Competition. In collaboration with the regional competition team, recruits judges and volunteers, may manage entry submissions, may plan and coordinate consensus judging event; publicizes competition results for the Rochester Chapter; presents certificates to Rochester area award winners; may forward qualifying entries to the International competition.

PR / Marketing Manager: Enhances name recognition of chapter in the business and technical communication communities through social media, the local press, and other outlets; maintains and updates lists of local media and related professional organizations; publicizes chapter events.

Employment Manager: Supports efforts of chapter members to find career development opportunities by publicizing area job openings, job fairs, and other employment resources; maintains an email list of those interested in job openings and distributes lists of openings to the email list.

Mentoring Manager: Develops and administers the chapter mentoring program; encourages chapter members to register for the STC Mentor Board; builds relationships with academic departments offering coursework in technical communication-related disciplines.