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January, 2021 Volume 62 Number 5

Next Meeting

Date and time: February 11, 2021 7:00 to 8:00 PM
Program: Continuing Education and Certification, Richard Poydock and Ben Woelk
Location: Online
Registration: Link to be provided

Redact Room

by Ann L. Wiley, editor

Spectrum takes place online in 2021, April 17 to 19. The call for proposals is out and will close at the end of January. Be sure to submit a proposal. Presentations will be available both during the program and on demand, so we can offer more presentations than ever before. We are also focusing on the technical publications competition and on recruiting a president, treasurer, and other volunteers for the upcoming election. The Rochester Chapter invites you to join STC and the chapter, and to volunteer. If you have not yet renewed your membership, remember to do so as soon as possible so you will be able to vote in the 2021 STC election.  As always, feature articles and other contributions to the newsletter are welcome. Contact the editor.

Meeting Report

Date and time: December 16, 2020, 7:00 to 8:00 PM
Program: Wacky Winter Wednesday, co-sponsored with the CNY Chapter
Location: Online

The annual holiday meeting featured wacky hats and a chance to test our trivia knowledge. This welcome break was enjoyed by those who attended.

Council Notes

The Council meets online on the first Tuesday of most months at 7:00 PM to review committee reports and identify action items and who will be responsible. The Council last met via Zoom on December 1, 2020 and on January 5, 2021. Reports shared at Council meetings are reflected in the Chapter Chronicle.

Date and time of the next Council meeting: February 2, 2021
Contact: Chapter president Lori Meyer

Chapter Chronicle


As of December 1, the chapter had 64 members. The Rochester Chapter values your membership–every member matters. If you haven’t yet renewed, please renew now and enjoy another year of membership benefits.

Find out about membership options and pricing and join on the STC website. You can complete the membership application online, or download a PDF of the application. When you complete the application, be sure to select Rochester as a chapter, and be a part of this vibrant professional community!

Rochester Chapter members contribute significantly to the Society at large. Former chapter president Wendy Ross is leading the STC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Panel. In November, the newsletter of the Northeast Ohio chapter published a profile of Wendy, and a review of her DEI article on the Rochester Chapter website. Kelly Schrank is presenting an STC webinar on January 26, Engineering Your Networking Experience.


The Heritage Award college scholarship is suspended at this time, pending an examination of ways to attract applications. For more news of interest to students, see Mentoring, Educational Opportunities, and Society News.


If you would like to be a mentor or to have a mentor, contact mentoring manager Carmel Priore-Garlock.


Chapter members may request to receive chapter employment emails with notices of job opportunities. These include job openings received from employers and recruiters, and job openings that employment manager Laurie Fiaretti has found on job boards. Laurie uses keywords for a broad range of technical communication roles including technical writer, technical editor, documentation specialist, editor, and project manager. Laurie also posts job openings on the chapter website.

Website and social media

The site is updated and backed up and a new design for the site is being developed.


The STC Alliance Competition, including the Washington DC-Baltimore, Atlanta, New England, New York, Philadelphia, South-Central Texas (formerly Houston), and Rochester chapters, is calling for entries and judges. The deadline for entries in January 15, 2021.

Please contact Bobbi Werner with any questions. Bobbi is the Rochester Chapter representative and Awards Manager for the competition.

Spectrum 2020 and 2021

The 62nd annual Rochester Chapter Conference, Spectrum 2021, takes place online April 17 to 19. The theme is “Flexibility, Creativity, Sustainability.” The call for proposals is open during January. Please submit a proposal. The chapter can offer many more presentations than before, because we will have on demand presentations for registrants only, as well as presentations during the conference. If you would like to volunteer, contact

Community Achievement Award and Pacesetter Award

Applications for the Community Achievement Award and the Pacesetter Award are being submitted in January, and tracking of 2021 accomplishments begins in January also.

Rochester Chapter at the Summit

Each year many Rochester chapter members attend and participate in the Summit. Several plan to do so again in 2021. Ben Woelk will participate as STC Immediate Past President. Kelly Schrkank is presenting. Carmel Priore-Garlock is the winner of a Summit registration donated by STC as a giveaway at Spectrum 2020. Consider submitting a proposal and attending in 2021.

Chapter Leaders

The Rochester Chapter election for 2020-2021 officers and council members took place in June. Officers and Council members are listed on the Council page. Please reach out to any member to ask questions or to volunteer.

Educational Opportunities

Visit the STC website to see all of the Society’s current educational offerings. STC offers a webinar each Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00 PM ET. Recorded webinars are available for purchase through STC by members and by non-members (at a higher price).

Society News

Join or renew via the STC website.

Registration for the 2021 Summit is open/

Visit STC’s Notebook for the latest STC news.

Resource Reviews

Reviews of resources are published periodically.

Feature Articles

The chapter invites original articles for the blog on this website. The newsletter links to these features and they are archived with each issue. Contact the editor. The June, 2020 feature by Nancy Larbi provides tips for effective online meetings that help with in-person meetings too.

STC and Rochester Chapter Links

Companies Represented in the Rochester Chapter

Alstom Signaling, Inc., Ann L. Wiley Consultants Inc., Azteca Systems, Inc., Bosch Security Systems. Inc., Excellus BCBS, Jorsek LLC, Lenel Systems Inc., Microflex 2001 LLC, Melissa D Hellman, writer and editor, Mikun Documentation Solutions Inc., REDCOM Labratories, Inc., Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY Buffalo State, SUNY Research Foundation, Technical Information Solutions, The Raymond Corporation, Ver-Mac Inc., Welch Allyn, Wingz Creative & Technical Group, Xerox

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