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January, February, March 2020 Volume 61 Numbers 5, 6, 7

Next Meeting

Date and time: January, 2020
Program: Winter Gathering
Location: TBD

President’s Prose

by Kelly Schrank, President

New this year, the President’s Prose becomes a blog post! Kelly’s November update is posted.

Redact Room

by Ann L. Wiley, editor

The chapter’s attention now turns to Spectrum 2020, March 21 to 23, at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Rochester Chapter invites you to join STC and the chapter, and to volunteer. Experience the rewards of working with the chapter’s dedicated team. We always welcome more volunteers to help. And as always, feature articles and other contributions to the newsletter are welcome. Contact the editor. See you at Spectrum!

Meeting Report

See the October to December issue for the November meeting report. The chapter did not meet in December.

Council Notes

The Council meets online on the first Tuesday of most months at 7:00 PM to review committee reports and identify action items and who will be responsible. The November 20 meeting took place at the annual meeting in Rochester. The December meeting was held online on December 10.

Date and time of the next Council meeting: January 21, 2020
Contact: Chapter president Kelly Schrank

Chapter Chronicle


The Rochester chapter has 64 members as of December 21, with 11 new members since January 1. Be sure to renew by December 31. The Rochester Chapter values your membership–every member matters.

The Northeast Ohio chapter has published a spotlight profile of Kelly Schrank.


The 2019-20 Heritage Award college scholarship cycle has begun, with updating the contact list. For more news of interest to students, see Educational Opportunities and Society News.


Bobbi Werner is updating mentoring documents to be shared with RIT students. Two students are seeking mentors, and several mentors are available to work with students. If you would like to be a mentor or to have a mentor, contact mentoring manager Bobbi Werner.


Employment manager Laurie Fiaretti  posted four job notifications this month, one with multiple opportunities. Chapter members may request to receive chapter employment emails with notices of job opportunities. These include job openings received from employers and recruiters, and job openings that Laurie has found on job boards, using key words for a broad range of technical communication roles including technical writer, technical editor, documentation specialist, editor, and project manager. Laurie also posts job openings on the chapter website.

Website and social media

The site is updated and backed up and a new design for the site is being developed. Webmaster Sarah Rowe will be asking for feedback from non-Council members in the next stage of design.


This year the STC Alliance Competition includes the Washington DC-Baltimore, Atlanta, New England, New York, Philadelphia, South-Central Texas (formerly Houston), and Rochester chapters.

Entries were due by 6:00 p.m. on December 6. A total of 63 entries were submitted, which is a huge increase over last year, when we had 26 entries. Washington, DC-Baltimore joining the STC Alliance resulted in at least 20 new entries to the competition. A total of 49 judges have signed on thus far, including four judges from STC Rochester, three of whom are judging for the first time in the regional competition. I’m hoping for at least 5 judges from the chapter.

Please contact Bobbi Werner with any questions. Bobbi is the Rochester Chapter representative and Awards Manager for the competition.

Spectrum 2020

The 61st annual chapter conference, Spectrum 2020, The Expanding Spectrum of Technical Communication, will be held March 21 to 23, 2020 at RIT. The keynote speaker is Kirk St. Amant. Visit the program page for more information. If you would like to volunteer, contact

Community Achievement Award and Pacesetter Award

Rochester Chapter applications for the 2020 Community Achievement Award and Pacesetter Award are being prepared, documenting the work of the chapter for 2019. This year, the chapter won the Platinum Community Achievement Award and a Pacesetter Award, and was named Community of the Year.

Educational Opportunities

Visit the STC website to see all of the Society’s current educational offerings. STC offers a webinar each Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00 PM ET. Recorded webinars are available for purchase through STC by members and by non-members (at a higher price).

Society News

Join or renew via the STC website. Early registration for the STC Summit is open.

Visit STC’s Notebook for the latest STC news.

Resource Reviews

Reviews of resources are published periodically.

Feature Articles

The chapter invites original articles for the blog on this website. The newsletter links to these features and they are archived with each issue. Contact the editor. The September, 2019 feature by Wendy Ross discusses diversity, equity, and inclusion in technical communication.

STC and Rochester Chapter Links

Companies Represented in the Rochester Chapter

Alstom Signaling, Inc., Ann L. Wiley Consultants Inc., Azteca Systems, Inc., Bosch Security Systems. Inc., Excellus BCBS, Jorsek LLC, Lenel Systems Inc., Microflex 2001 LLC, Melissa D Hellman, writer and editor, Mikun Documentation Solutions Inc., Nokia, REDCOM Labratories, Inc., Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY Buffalo State, SUNY Research Foundation, Technical Information Solutions, The Raymond Corporation, Ver-Mac Inc., Welch Allyn, Wingz Creative & Technical Group, Xerox

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