Pay it Forward–Become a Mentor and Change the World!

Do you want to make a difference?

Would you like the opportunity to work with students and prepare them for our exciting techcomm field?

STC Rochester offers a mentoring program for students and practitioners interested in or new to technical communication.

We will need experienced techcomm practitioners to serve as mentors!


The mentoring program pairs experienced technical communicators with students enrolled in technical communication programs and other related fields. The mission of the mentoring program is to provide a structured approach by which mentors from the Rochester Chapter provide one-on-one assistance to student mentees, helping them establish themselves successfully as technical communicators. The program will span two semesters/three quarters depending on the college or university. Mentors will have contact with their mentees monthly.

What’s in it for me as a mentor?

  • Gaining personal satisfaction from helping others discover their potential
  • Enhancing coaching, feedback, and leadership skills
  • Gaining exposure to new perspectives from the mentee
  • Expanding professional networks

What’s in it for the mentee?

  • Developing networks
  • Receiving career guidance
  • Increasing their visibility
  • Learning to adapt to changing professional and organizational circumstances
  • Developing or enhancing skills needed to move forward in their careers

How will this help STC Rochester?

  • Strengthen the local technical communication community
  • Stabilize student STC membership
  • Attract mentees as potential long-term STC members after graduation
  • Generate positive word-of-mouth advertisement for the chapter
  • Promote STC as a professional networking society
  • Help the chapter execute educational outreach initiatives at the high school and college level
  • Strengthen and expand the relationship between STC and area colleges and universities
  • Increase attendance at STC chapter meetings
  • Identify and develop potential new chapter leaders

How do I get more information about this exciting opportunity?

Contact Chuck Campbell, and sign up today.