Perspectives on Spectrum 2011: Lisa Gaeta

Spectrum 2011 was a well-organized and enlightening event. I met many attendees and volunteers who were also very interested in the field of technical communications. I also had a great time working with the other friendly volunteers. Events like these promote life-long connections for all in attendance. In sum, there was a wonderful display of interesting speakers, informational sessions, and great people. I would definitely consider attending the event again next year.

Lisa Gaeta
Twitter: LisaMarieGaeta

Perspectives on Spectrum provides insights by individual conference attendees on their experiences at STC Rochester’s Spectrum 2011 regional technical communications conference. Our first guest author, Lisa Gaeta, was a student volunteer from the Rochester Institute of Technology. If you’d like to provide your thoughts on the conference, please drop a note to or provide your comment on this post. Please note that comments posted to the STC Rochester website are moderated and  are published at the discretion of STC Rochester.