Rochester Chapter Earns 2020 Pacesetter Award

2020 STC Pacesetter AwardThe Rochester Chapter has earned an STC Pacesetter Award for innovations in 2019. The citation on the certificate will read:

For devising an innovative and unique method in helping “all” communities be successful in completing and submitting the annual Community Achievement Award in a timely manner

The Rochester Chapter Community Achievement Award champion devised a chronological list of actions the chapter needs to take to win a Community Achievement Award. This list is in a spreadsheet, and used to track completion of each activity. The responsible officer is noted, so it is easy for the award champion to ask for input that is needed throughout the year. This method was documented for the Pacesetter Award, and the chapter indicated it would update the spreadsheet for the 2021 CAA application when it is published and make it available to all STC chapters and SIGs.

This year, the Rochester Chapter will use the updated spreadsheet as the basis for a collaborative CAA application and each responsible person will upload their own evidence and complete the CAA item. The work will be done on the chapter’s Google Drive.

The chapter thanks the Community Achievement and Pacesetter Awards Committee for the 2020 Pacesetter Award.