Rochester Chapter Named STC Community of the Year

2020 STC Community of the YearFor the second consecutive year, the Rochester Chapter has been named STC Community of the Year. This designates the STC chapter or SIG with the highest total score on the Community Achievement Award (CAA). Congratulations to the members and Council of the Rochester Chapter for receiving this award two years in a row and thanks to everyone involved.

The Community Achievement Award Champion uses a worksheet that shows the start date and due date for each activity on the application. When the 2021 CAA application is available, the new worksheet will be prepared and shared with all STC chapters and SIGs, to complete work promised in the Rochester Chapter’s 2020 Pacesetter Award.

If you are not a member of STC, consider joining STC and this vibrant STC chapter today. If you are an STC member but not a Rochester Chapter member, contact STC”s membership director to add the Rochester Chapter. We welcome volunteers, and have opportunities open for work on the Spectrum conference and on publicity, as well as an open position on the Council for a member at large. This member helps out where needed and serves on the nominating committee.

Congratulations to all the Community Achievement Award winners for 2020. The Rochester Chapter looks forward to the continuing work of 2020 and hopes to hear about your activities too.