Spectrum Conference

Spectrum Conference Rochester STC Chapter
Spectrum 2023
September 19–20

64th annual conference of the Rochester Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication
Theme: Tech Comm Stories
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This year’s theme is Tech Comm Stories—successes, lessons learned, innovation, career-defining moments, unique experiences, why and how you got into tech comm, etc. Tech Comm Stories aims to learn from each other’s experiences in and around the technical communication field. This year’s two-day virtual conference is a series of round table discussions that will span a career in tech comm, discuss technology, bring together the past and the future, and leave room for some professional networking and fun.

All registrants are encouraged to engage with our round table leaders to create a fully interactive conference. Registrants will be able to voice questions, comments, and share their own stories live and through the chat.

Spectrum 2023 Program

If you have questions, contact us at spectrum@stc-rochester.org.

See you at Spectrum!