STC Recognizes the Rochester Chapter as a Platinum Community

STC-Awards-APlatThe Society for Technical Communication has recognized the Rochester Chapter at the highest level: a Platinum Community in the Community Achievement Awards!


For your remarkable work in recognizing members through your various chapter-level awards, impressive blend of educational and social activities, and your extensive student outreach.


The STC Community Achievement Award exists to recognize our outstanding communities for providing outstanding member services modeling success, and fostering innovation, which encourages collaboration, and ultimately serving the members of STC.

In addition to serving STC and its communities, Community Achievement Award-related activities provide individual members with many valuable professional development opportunities, including:

  • Meeting and networking with other professional technical communicators
  • Developing project leadership skills through volunteering for and managing community and Society level projects
  • Gaining exposure to industry tools and best practices
  • Gaining exposure to companies that employ technical communicators

Levels of Award

The application for the Community Achievement Award is quite extensive. Points are awarded for activities done in 2015.

  1. Platinum Community Award (Community of Distinction)
    Points required: 74.7 or more points (90%)
  2. Gold Community Award (Community of Excellence),
    66.4 to 74.6 points (80%)
  3. Silver Community Award (Community of Merit)
    58.1 to 66.3 points (70%)

Awards can be earned by multiple communities. As in previous years, communities are not competing with each other. Communities perform the activities listed on the Community Achievement Award Application, using these activities to serve the professional technical communication community.

Thank you to the 2014-15 and 2015-16 administrative councils and to our STC Rochester members for helping us achieve this honor.