STC Rochester Welcomes Its 2017-18 Admin Council

STC Rochester is proud to announce our 2017-18 Admin Council. Elections were held between May 1-8, 2017. Of the eligible voters, 48% participated in the election. The new council will take office at the annual crossover dinner in June.

Your Incoming 2017-18 Council

  • President: Kelly Schrank (25 votes with 1 abstention)
  • Vice President and Spectrum Co-Chair: Ben Woelk (26 votes) and Meghan Palumbo (26 votes)
  • Secretary: Johanne Lavallée (26 votes)
  • Treasurer: Richard Poydock (25 votes with 1 abstention)
  • Program Manager: Stephani Clark (26 votes)
  • Education Manager: Carmel Priore-Garlock (26 votes)
  • Membership Manager: Lori Meyer (26 votes)
  • Members at Large: Charles Campbell (25 votes with 1 abstention) and Marilyn Woelk (25 votes with 1 abstention)
  • Bobbi Werner becomes Immediate Past President

Thank you to the 2016-17 Admin Council for your service!

  • President:  Bobbi Werner
  • Vice President and Spectrum Co-Chair: Ben Woelk and Frances Nardia
  • Secretary: Johanne Lavallée
  • Treasurer: Donna Haeger
  • Program Manager: Kelly Schrank
  • Education Manager: Carmel Priore-Garlock 
  • Membership Manager: Lori Meyer 
  • Members at Large: Charles Campbell and Marilyn Woelk 
  • Immediate Past President: Wendy Ross

Year after year, Rochester has demonstrated the highest rates of volunteerism in the Society for Technical Communication, and was recognized as a Platinum Chapter and Pacesetter Award Winner. We look forward to another exciting year!