Survey results are in…

Image of Rochester, NY skyline at nightSTC Rochester conducted a survey at the end of 2009 which included 22 questions that sought participant’s opinions about membership costs, national services, local services, local meeting preferences, etc. There were 45 respondents. Here are some of the key findings from the survey:

  • · Almost half of the participants 48.9% (22 people) have been STC members for more than 10 years, 22% (10 people) for 5-10 years, 20% (9 people) for 2-5 years, and 8.9% (4 people) for less than two years. The chapter has had long-term stability in that almost 3/4 of the members (70.9%) surveyed have been in membership for five years or more.
  • · Although more than half of the participants (53.3%) did not have employers pay for their dues, a surprising 42.2% did, with 4.4% having their employers pay a portion of the membership fee.
  • · Almost half (46.7%) of respondents chose Networking opportunities/Membership contacts as their primary reason for joining the organization. Benefits of the national organization, and Educational opportunities through local meetings tied for 2nd place at 15.6%, and the Professional benefit to resume/credibility was 3rd at 11.1%. Leadership opportunities came in at 8.9%, and Discounts on spectrum was the response for 2.2% of respondents.
  • · All choices received substantial responses as contributing reasons for STC membership, with Networking (80%), Educational opportunities through local meetings (77.8%) and Professional benefit to resume (73.3%) being the top responses.
  • · In rating local meeting costs, 37.8% of the respondents feeling that the meeting costs were a good value for the food and presentations provided, 33.3% feeling that the meeting were varied enough to provide opportunities for more and less expensive meetings, and 4.4% (which accounts for 1 person due to 45 respondents) feeling the costs are too high. For 24.4% of the respondents, costs didn’t matter because they couldn’t attend meetings.
  • · In terms of specific meeting costs, 52.3% of respondents wanted a variety of meeting costs, 27.3% wanted lighter meals with a total cost of $10-$15, 15.9% wanted a refreshment cost of $5 -$10, and 4.5% wanted a cost of $15-$20. (One person did not respond to this question.)
  • · When asked about paying more under special circumstances, 48.8% said that they would pay more for a special speaker and for a Holiday meeting, 24.4% said they would pay more for a special speaker, and 19.5% would not be willing to pay more regardless of the meeting offered. 7.3% said they would pay more under other circumstances.
  • · Most members (40%) live on the East side, 24% live in Central Rochester areas, 13.3% live in the Northeast area, and 11.1% live on the West side. All other responses were less than 5%.
  • · Most members work in the Central area (31.1%), with East side being a close second at 26.7%, Southeast at 13.3%. Several other areas tied at 8.9% (Northeast, Northwest, West)
  • · When evaluating their use of services of the national STC, 74.4% read the Intercom, 46.5% participate in the SIGs, 37.2% have entered a Tech Pubs Competition, 34.9% have taken a Webinar, 20.9% said they were aware of and generally took advantage of the national offerings. 4.7% did not know what was available nationally. (Two people skipped this question.)
  • · When choosing whether they participated more in STC services at a national or local level, 48.9% said local, 24.4% said national, and 26.7% said they take advantage of both equally.

There were also several other questions relating to costs as well as specific comments/requests that are currently being evaluated by the council so that we can continue to improve the STC Rochester experience and services. A special thanks goes out to all those who worked with me on the survey analysis team: Joe Uhal (who also set up the survey on Survey Monkey), Ben Woelk, Stephanie Bazinet, Jennifer Ferris, Anne McNelis, Mel Blank, and Amy Friend.

Marilyn Woelk