Top 5 Reasons to Go to the Summit

If you are on the fence about attending next year’s conference, even after all the posts about all the fun your fellow chapter members were having this year, then please consider the following 5 reasons to go to the Summit.

1.   Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

If you don’t come away with new ideas for your job, you career, or your life from the sessions, conversations, and resources available at the Summit, then you are not paying attention. While not every session can offer brand new thinking on how to do your job, or the cool new tool that changes your day-to-day, I always walk away from each session with at least one thing, whether it be a contact, a resource, or an idea (either given directly or sparked from something said or presented).

2.   Resources

Ah, the bookstore…our very own bookstore for people like us! It is always a joy to peruse this bookstore as it represents both what the bookseller thinks we will like/want/need to buy and what our peers think we may be interested in (each speaker is asked if they are the author of books or if they mention books in their sessions that the bookstore should stock).

3.   Connections

The old adage of you get out of something what you put into it is so true when it comes to networking. Do people expect you to come in like a used car salesperson and “work the room”? No, we just want to have conversations with people that have similar occupations and interests. So bring yourself to the party and be yourself…we are your people!

4.   Recognition

There are so many opportunities to be recognized for your efforts, achievements, and ideas in STC and at the conference. If you speak, everyone sees your name in the program and many people see you making presentations. Others will tweet about your sessions, come up to you later saying they enjoyed your session, and contact you afterward with questions and resources. And if you put your slides on and have contributed proceedings, your legacy continues well after the conference. If you are presenting a session that is recorded, you will also be in the Summit at a Click. Talk about being famous!

5.   Revitalization

I always come back from the conference excited to be doing my job. It’s a nice break from the day-to-day and I am always revitalized by the stimulating conversations, the shared camaraderie, and the ideas and resources I have to put into action.

BONUS: Flair

Yes, there were people with WAY more flair than me, including those in my own chapter, and yes, I managed to lose my Rochester chapter flair, but I am especially proud of the little green ribbon. 😉